Pastor Marvin Winans Beats Covid-19 Returns To Preaching.

Pastor Marvin L. Winans & Perfecting Church Celebrates 30th ...

Church Legendary gospel singer and pastor of Perfecting Church, Marvin L. Winans, has returned to the pulpit, preaching multiple services this week after being hospitalized due to coronavirus. Winans appeared before thousands of viewers via Facebook Live this week, showing no trace of having battled a virus that has devastated countries worldwide, taking the lives of many.

 Winans expressed thanks to his many viewers for their prayers and attributed his recovery to a work of God. In an earlier Facebook live video, Winans cleared up circulating rumors that he had been gravely ill and on a ventilator. He stated that he had been hospitalized twice, but never experienced any severe impact of the virus.


  1. "that he had been hospitalized twice, but never experienced any severe impact of the virus"

    Umm either you were hospitalized twice OR you never experiences any severe impacts of the virus.....which one is it? Hahahah, just wasnt both....(fyi I do like Marvin just his wording is a little off here).

    1. @Christian Pentecostal,

      Right there with you!

      “And through covetousness shall they with feigned words, make merchandise of you...” (2 Peter 2:3)

      And that is an art!

    2. Being hospitalized, doesn't mean it was severe. Maybe they wanted him to stay to run some test, because he did show some symptoms. But that doesn't mean he was effected severely.

  2. I don't believe he had COVID-19.

  3. Pastor Winans stated he tested positive for COVID-19. His statement is on video and in print. We can believe or disbelieve whatever we want.

    1. Articles from the Detroit Free Press:

      And another one:

      Perfecting Church Facebook live on April 9, 2020 with Pastor Winans sitting at the piano. He played the piano, sang and gave his testimony of being hospitalized.

  4. I'd say what happened was at some point he contracted the coronavirus. Good touched his body and took it out and the sickness went down to pneumonia.


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