Over 180 People Exposed To COVID-19 In Butte County After Church Service On Mother's Day!

Over 180 people exposed to COVID-19 in Butte County after church ...

Church over 180 people was exposed to COVID-19 in Butte County after a church service was held on Mother's Day, according to health officials. Butte County Public Health said in a news release on Friday the infected person received their positive COVID-19 diagnosis the day after they attended service and is now at home in isolation. The church PBFC, also known as Palermo Bible Family Church, chose to open its doors despite rules banning gatherings of any size. Since the positive test was announced by health officials, the church has decided to suspend all in-person services and go back to a virtual model.


  1. I believe they are lying about the numbers. It's obvious they want to execute Gates plan to vaccinate the entire world as a form of Gates plan to vontrol the world's population. Gates has been expressing his plans for years. All any sensible person has to do is listen to what this fool has been saying. If he can't perform his mass vaccination this round, they gonna lie about the numbers even more to better serve their purpose. Along with his vaccine, Gates wanna propose some kinda ID to be embedded in the person. All this is about the wickedness occuring in high places. They are lying about the effectp of social distancing. They are lying about these masks in that the fact is masks ate germ carriers. This virus is supposed to enter through our mucus membrane. Our biggest membrane is our eyes. They mention nothing about covering them. Thank God for the all who are protesting against the rules they seek to enact because of the propaganda they sell to the WORLD. Make sure to boost your immune system people. Take lots of Vit C, Vit A and Zinc.

    1. But, why is a Bill Gate's (Gates Foundation) vaccination solution a "bad thing?" How is it different than, when say... the March of Dimes, funded Jonas Salk and his work against polio? Since its inception, the Gates Foundation has always studied and worked for long term solutions to end world hunger, improve agriculture, improve education, improve worldwide water, sanitation and hygiene, etc. This would not be the only vaccine that the Foundation is working on. So, why is this a bad thing?

      I'm not familiar with a Gates' initiative to implant a chip. However, I'm familiar with the technology. It's been around for quite some time. Many years ago I worked with a company called Verichip which was about implanting chips into animals (pets). I suppose that there is an argument that can be made for or against that technology.

    2. @ anonymous If your referring to the numbers for the church, Im most sure the number 180 is the total amount of people that were in attendance at the church, NOT the number that tested positive. No need to say someone is “lying” and then start to post and repeat “conspiracies” to replace what you feel is supposed lie.

    3. And you can cut the down play on CONSPIRACY. May of these folks are well studied individuals. Waaaay more that YOU and the MANY other Anonymous individuals HERE! Maybe you should take the time to listen to them as oppose to flip them off.

      What I said about GATES and his idea of an embedded ID is FACT! Big Pharma and GATES MICROSOFT are teaming to form the ID2020 Alliance that will combine vaccines with implantable microchips to create your digital ID.

      And AGAIN, according to professional experts scientist peered reviewed and experienced personnel "There is also no scientific evidence for the effectiveness of face masks in healthy individuals. On the contrary, experts warn that such masks interfere with normal breathing and may become “germ carriers”.

      YOU are right. I didn't take the time to read the article. 180 were exposed because of one. I'm sure this type story in in the media to INSTILL more fear. Again they pick the CHURCH to use as their example.

    4. And as true to form, Ann deleted another one of my posts. Let the record be known, I called NO one a name.

      All I got to say to ADDRESS YOU EXPOSED, there are tons of critics out there who blast GATES for what came out of his very own mouth linking vaccination programs with his goal of reducing population growth.

      Bill Gates and his surrogates, GAVI and WHO, made DTP a priority for African babies. When The Danish government and Novo Nordisk Foundation commissioned a study of Gates DPT vaccine project of the children in Guinea Bissau, a west African nation, they concluded it was a “natural experiment” where girls vaccinated with the DTP vaccine died at 10 times the rate of unvaccinated kids. While the vaccinated children were protected from Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis, they were far more susceptible to other deadly diseases than unvaccinated peers because the vaccine apparently compromised their immune systems.

      Given this man's money, motives, and mission, why would anyone trust he would do "good" for mankind? Again all you got to do is note the manipulative ways this man used to steal MICROSOFT. He is a wicked evil little piece of DIRT!

    5. I'm the other anonymous....

      Amen and So True. Isn't it sad that supposed church folk can't think for themselves.

      Btw, Ann, I read the title of the article it says.... 180 people exposed.

      THEN, in the Body of the article it says.... the infected "PERSON" is home in isolation.

      Why exaggerate the whole thing if ONLY ONE PERSON WAS INFECTED.

      Many of you are running scared like you can't even think for yourselves.

      I think that is Sad.

    6. It's obvious Ann has an agenda with her blog here, and it's not a good one.

    7. And another this Anonymous, the former Black Panther just introfuced a Bill HR6666 that will all9w tje government to enter your house to force test for COVID 19 ane even remove family members from the home who mau test positive. Many are protesting thos is against their 4 ammendment rights. Do all this in the news Ann reports is simply to brainwash the public that one can affect 180, and all 180 needs to be tested. Like you said EXAGGERATED.

    8. Bobby Rush, Is His Name, An Assembly (House Of Representatives In Congress), The "Judas" And One Of The Cofounders Of The Black Panthers.

    9. Wearing A Mask Can Cause "Hypercapnia", Means, Instead Of Exhaling Carbon Dioxide Out Of Your Body, Which Is Normal For Your Body To Do, You Are Breathing It Back Into Your Body. Also, You're Limiting Your Intake Of Oxygen.

    10. And the crazy thing, I see lots of people IN THEIR CARS WITH WINDOWS UP...wearing MASKS!!!


  2. People, get to know the Lord, God Creator for yourselves !!! Use wisdom and get understanding.

  3. Before some of you post first learn some grammar structure and learn how to spell!!!

    1. NO!

      It's "Before some of you post, (COMMA... SEE THAT) learn how to STRUCTURE a sentence and how to spell.

      YOU don't need to use the word "learn" twice. It's REDUNANT!

      YOU female needs TO LEARN HOW to be QUIET, Especially when correcting other the same problems YOU have.

      What ya gotta say now!


  4. There Is No "Confirmatory", Test For COVID-19. The Tests They Perform Are A Nasal And Throat Swab Or An Antibody Blood Test, Which Can Give A False Positive For Any Virus. COVID-19 Is Patented And The Owner Is Bill Gates. Each Person On Earth Has 200 Plus Viruses In Their Body. You Cannot Go From One Virus Called "Corona Virus", To Something Called COVID-19. Viruses Don't Mutate, Nor Multiply, Nor Float/Hang In The Air In Droplets Of Moisture, Nor Float From One Person's Mouth/Nose To Another Person's Mouth/Nose. Viruses Do Not Live On Surfaces. Why? Viruses Do Not Live Outside Of Our Bodies. Outside Of Our Bodies They Are "Dead". By The Way, Asians Wear Masks In Their Countries Because There Is Air Pollution. The Science That Anthony Fauci And The CDC, Stating Is False Science, It Is Not "True Virology". But The Average Person Does Not Know That. Nurses And Doctors That Have A True Conscious, Are Stepping And Telling The Truth About This "Planned-Demic". The Holy Spirit Leads Us Into "All Truth". Fauci Has Not Seen Nor Taken Care Of A Patient In 15 To 20 Years. The CDC Is A (501)c3 Organization, Funded By Taxpayers Money, Pharmaceutical Companies, Bill Gates, The Clintons, Warren Buffet, The Rockefellers, Etc. The CDC Is Not Part Of The Federal Government. People Do The Scientific Research Of Viruses And Do The Research Of The Political Part Of COVID-19.


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