Last Night On Social Media Bishop Carlton D Pearson Reminded The Saints Of The Hope!

Carlton Pearson - Reminding the Saints of the Hope an Azusa Music ...

Church I had Azusa VHS tapes in the 90’s watching those videos inspired me as a young Christian.  I appreciate Bishop Carlton Pearson for providing the social media platform last night for this experience. During a time of nationwide suspense, suspicion, fear, and anxiety for millions. Bishop Carlton Pearson reminded the saints of hope by, taking us on a short trip with him down memory lane for some good old fashion AZUSA music and hope-filled ministry.  Many older African Americans, a disproportionate number of whom are dying and testing positive with the coronavirus disease, will find solace in these wonderful songs.


  1. Miss Ann,

    I think Azusa did start this mega church madness and prosperity gospel as we know it. There was a lot of preaching to emotions and NOT teaching of the WORD of God! I have received more understanding from reading the Bible in the last 5 years than those preachers who were products of Azusa. Each and everyone of them got the spirit of speaking foolishness to those whose minds were simple.

    No more!

    Carlton can go way back past Azusa as he wants. After all he got them bags 💰💰💰 secured!

  2. Any man that's makes the following statements deserve no platform and I'll listen to nothing he has to say. When I was on the piano and he was right in front of me in 1995, I was always wondering because his wild comments even during this time. Carlton here in rare form: “Hell was never God's intention. It is man's invention. It is a human-manufactured religious icon, no less idolatrous than deifying a statue.”
    ― Carlton D. Pearson, God Is Not a Christian, Nor a Jew, Muslim, Hindu...: God Dwells with Us, in Us, Around Us, as Us

    Straight from the pit.

  3. Ms. Ann I to loved it , Bishop Pearson will be doing it every Friday night until the music runs out.

  4. Ann, I love me some Bishop Carlton D.Pearson.

  5. Ms. Ann I believe God used Bishop Carlton Pearson to open the world stage from the Azusa Stage.

  6. Ms.Ann, I used to go to all the Azusa conference as a young evangelist, I'm so grateful to the Bishop.

  7. James D Anderson Jr.Saturday, 02 May, 2020

    Ann it was a wonderful time, having personally experienced Azusa and Ministry Carlton D Pearson, this throwback reignited a joy and contentment that God always has, and that knowing ministers to any present fear or anxiety that he will again.

  8. The only way this heretical Bishop Pearson can rope in some dopey new followers is to conjure up the old, Pentecostal Azusa Bishop Pearson, who many held so dear to their hearts. He's slick as the devil --- don't fall into his sentimental journey trap!

    1. YOU are 100% CORRECT!

      All here showing favor towards this heretic are nothing but TROLLS!

    2. True. I don't believe this Marsha, James Anderson, Mike Williams and that other Anonymous needs to just be totally dismissed.. ridiculous.

    3. I can assume from most of the comments posted that you all didn't check out the live nor the replay, therefore you didn't get to see the number of views it garnered. It main audience were older saints.

    4. Doesn't matter. Pearson csn not offer hope because he is a heretic.

    5. Miss Ann,

      The number of views Carlton’s sermon garnered is not reflective of good fruit. The world will always love its own!

      John 15:18

    6. Mrs. Ann.... God bless you and you're family. Ok, I definitely understand where you're coming from. But to look at this vid is so troubling to me because this same man said on an NBC special when he came out with his foolishness said, he was faking the whole time. And when he made a slight hand touch and cheek joke about the Holy Spirit... I was done after that. Done... I put him in God's hands totally.

  9. I skipped through the majority of his video. What caught my eye was the title “Reminding The Saints Of Hope”. What I don’t understand is since Carlton Pearson has done away with hell and if everyone goes to heaven, why does a certain class of Christianity called “Saints” need hope if this all ends up with everyone going to heaven????? Why do I need solace in any of your old Azusa CD’s (unless this is an attempt to get some album sales off your early 90s music??). I just don’t get it. WAITTTT I do get it. There is an April 20th post he did that states he is accepting donations through Cash App$$$ Sigh…

  10. Satan wins here when no one wants to talk about how he uses fear to stop Christians from praying for the salvation of those dying in hospitals from covid19 and corona virus. This makes Satan and the demons victorious over Gods peopleMonday, 04 May, 2020

    Its true.


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