Jacksonville North Carolina Pastor Charged With Marrying Two Women, Faces 3-12 Months In Prison😕😕

The Old Black Church: Prophet Mike Claiborne I Can Not Be Silent ...

Church a Jacksonville, North Carolina pastor has been charged with Felony Bigamy, according to police warrants. Pastor Michael Claiborne, 52, of Jacksonville is accused of marrying Pastor Lisa Claiborne, of New Rivers Ministries in Hubert, North Carolina while being married to another woman, Andrea Delyce Harris.


  1. This happens all the time.

  2. The other Anonymous....

    Nothing but HIERLINGS and Deceiver's....Bible.

    As my Preacher Dad used to say..."God's gonna whip these joker's pants off". LOL!

  3. Miss Ann,

    By marrying two women “pastors”, the brother was just trying to secure them 💰💰💰 (the root of all evil)!

  4. I read the article and if convicted, he will not serve a lot of time due to the statute of limitation, which hinder his arrest a few years ago. Clairborne will go back to his old ways, blogs have documented his poor leadership of his church.

  5. This goof ball is a nut case if there ever was one, assuming this report is true and accurate. He needs to be defrocked and jailed. Get him outta here!

  6. Replies
    1. Not only the churches, but in the Black Hebrew movements as well!


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