It's Sad When Most First Ladies Will Do Anything To Secure The Bag!!

The Old Black Church: It's Sad When Most First Ladies Will Do Anything To  Secure The Bag!!

Church sexual infidelity is often considered the ultimate betrayal in a marriage.  It disrupts ongoing, meaningful relationships. But when a heterosexual couple experiences infidelity and the offense is committed with someone of the same sex, it's a whole nother story. This story has so many layers to it, yall can follow the foolishness here. 

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It's being alleged that Bishop Nathaniel D. Wells who is over the Texas Northeast Fourth Ecclesiastical jurisdiction has allegedly stripped Superintendent(picture above)Lorenzo Plater of his title and position as assistant jurisdictional secretary amid recently alleged same-sex accusations from Pastor Ryan Chandler, which was broadcasted by William McCray Facebook live last Sunday night. (You can find that here) Some are saying that this just might negatively affect his wife’s aspirations in COGIC but probably temporarily only.

My question thou why in the world would any respectable woman who values her self and her self-esteem would stay with a man who has publicly embarrassed her?  In the below clip of this low life of a pastor, the wife looks so uncomfortable. Once again how can any respectable woman bring her self to stay with a man who is being accused of sleeping with an alleged multitude of men's?


  1. Ms.Ann, I was married to a COGIC SUPERINTENDENT.That was a Homosexual.When I found out I filed for DIVORCE.The CHURCH turned against me. I am blacklisted until this day. I am glad and blessed that I don't have AIDS. Any woman that would stay with a man that she knows is on the DOWNLOW is mentally ill. She desires the WORLD'S TREASURES ,WORLDLY LIFESTYLE'S,POSTIONS AND TITLES.She probably doesn't work. The Church is her only life. She doesn't have a balance lifestyle.If you look at the video she is looking like a foolish woman. GOD is pulling the covers off these PASSA"S. Mr.Obnoxious if he gets pictures or a video.He will post it.This is going to get dirty. She doesn't have no self respect. She has low self esteem.

    1. @anonymous,

      Thank God for His mercy that you were able to discern and move out of the mess! And good for you.

    2. Anonymous I'm glad that you were able to get free. Shame on the church for doing you like that.

  2. She already knew about his activities. The first lady title means more than having an actual godly marriage. I've heard too many black women say they only date and marry pastors specifically, just for the first lady title - which isn't even biblical. She's not leaving her husband. She'll stand by her man, and keep her first lady parking spot, because that's her identity. Black women have to stop settling for fake relationships just for a status. It's not worth it. SMH

  3. I really get sick and tired of some of these so called "first ladiès" They have their own little club of people who stand outside waiting for first lady to drive up on Sunday morning, open the car door for her, carry her purse and Bible, and escort her right into her own little personal office directly behind "passa's" study where she can put the finishes touches to her eye lashes and eyebrows and weave. She doesn't care what "passa" is doing or with who as long as she gets the recognition of being first lady. I know one church that bought their first lady a brand new BMW. I betcha if one of the mothers need a ride she wouldn't pick her up!!!

  4. It's like a sick joke. Lord help us...

  5. There Is No Such Thing As "First Lady", Scripture. Secondly, She Should Leave Marriage, Because He Has Committed Adultery Against Her, Nasty Sexual Perversion.

  6. The Superintendent/Pastor Plater sounds (the way he speaks) sweet enough to make a couple gallons of sweet tea. What straight man speaks like that?

    Sister Girl Plater: You better run from this ninja! Hair and lashes, outfits, a title and parking place are not worth possibly getting a STD. If you were going along with your husband's activities for your personal gain, shame on you.

  7. I wonder if that's why his 2nd wife Tina Jones divorced him and not even good year Bridget had married him' If the 2nd wife talks we would have an ideal, And y'all are right about some women in the pastor clique marrying preachers, because his 2nd wife married a you dude in Florida that has a church, Tina Jones- Plater got as far way from Dallas lol she knows Errrrthang lol

    1. You have no clue what you're talking about, trenia is my sister


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