Is COVID-19 A Globalist Conspiracy To Install A New World Order? Some High-ranking Vatican Officials Think So.

The 'Plandemic' documentary removed from Youtube and social media ...

Church I see it every day how people ignore or deny the research and experience of scientists, doctors, and top experts in their fields and will believe any joker with a knack for inflammatory rhetoric. A petition is circulating in Rome, signed by conservative academics, journalists, and clergy, asserts that coronavirus is a pretext to control individuals the world over through panic, impose mandatory vaccinations, and deny individuals their fundamental freedoms - primarily, the freedom of worship. And that petition has attracted some high-ranking signatories, including Cardinal Robert Sarah, head of the Vatican’s liturgy office, as well as three other prominent cardinals.


  1. There are tons of professional experts in a myriad of scientific fields who disagree with the data, conclusions and decisions made by scientists the CDC and WHO affirms. These guys and gals are honest men and women, far different from the CDC own i.e. Fauci and Brix. To imply these peer reviewed experienced diligent professional to be quacks is OUTRAGEOUS and RIDICULOUS, as this act only proves the diabolical nature of these imps. The vatican is RIGHT. ALL evidence points to a conspiracy and an agenda some devise to take away the rights of humanity. Even Christ say Satan comes to kill and destroy, and he has his followers who WORSHIP him and are willing to do hid will. To believe in conspiracy is a GOOD THING!!!

    1. Agreed!! This is not conspiracy theory at all! Also black people are not dying of COVID they are killing them off in these hospitals. Wake up black people and stop being modern day slaves to Zionist owned newspapers.

  2. Miss Ann,

    The Vatican?! Really?!!!!

    Let them bring ALL those cardinals, bishops, reverends, priests, nuns, seminarians, catechisms, etc who have used and abused children....

    Then maybe, just maybe I might start listening to them. But for now, Vatican can go take a seat in the corner of shame where the Pope et al belong!

    On the other hand, the Vatican has info on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that matters. Their info collection starts in the confessional, “Forgive me father, for I have sinned...”

    I believe they are releasing this info for the sheeple to flock to them for safety. Running right into the lion’s den.

    Mmh mmmh mmmh! 😏

    Watch and pray people, watch and pray!

  3. Tests are also being laced with this stuff.

    1. What the Tansanian did was OUTSTANDING, especially the test that proved them as dishonest. Good they told all those DONKEYS to leave their country.

    2. Exactly!! Ament 🙏🏾 This is why we need to Seek ye first the kingdom of God and stop looking to massa government and the lying news for anything.

  4. 1. I used to work for the federal government . . . no matter what agency, we were barely able to open and close each day. There could NEVER be enough communication to involve the millions of people needed to make a major plot possible.
    2. If anyone IS able to coordinate such a thing, it will be commercial companies . . . the ones with unlimited capital, ruthless business acumen, and a way to make billions of dollars from it.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


    2. Pushing vaccines and those decisions does not involve every worker in the government (google operation warp speed) Deciding to give state’s money to funnel to the hospital CEOs and CFOs based on them declaring a patient has COVID (more than 13,000 per patient 39,000 if the patient is on a ventilator) are made at the top. Declaring the death of said patient as COVID without any autopsy for what really caused the end of their life was a decision made by CDC which is a federal government agency. Black Christians need to stop trusting this government built by Rosicrucians to serve Zionist Israel! Both sides are Masonic wings of the same bird. None of them are real born again Christians. And whatever happens in the spiritual realm manifests in the natural. If you don’t have the Holy Spirit and are born again the enemy has legal access. So guess what... they are filled with demons. and they only multiply. The government system that we should be moving in is the Kingdom of God and stop all of this foolishness.

    3. What a GREAT POST Baptist Evangelist!!!

    4. LIKE - "Deciding to give state’s money to funnel to the hospital CEOs and CFOs based on them declaring a patient has COVID (more than 13,000 per patient 39,000 if the patient is on a ventilator) are made at the top."

      Where YOU at Todd Swan on this one?!?!

    5. Amen 🙏🏾 much love and blessings to you brethren ✝️💜


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