Here We Go Again, Houston Gospel Artist Killed In Officer-involved Shooting!!

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Church it been brought to my attention, the man shot and killed Friday by a Houston police officer has been identified as Adrian Medearis, a well-known local gospel artist who directed the gospel choir at Evangelist Temple Church of God In Christ in the South Acres neighborhood, friends say. Medearis, 48, was a former director for the Prairie View A& M Baptist Student Movement gospel choir and founder of God’s Anointed People, a contemporary gospel group. He also performed with choirs at other churches. Let us keep Adrian Medearis family in our prayers.


  1. Mrs. Ann, according to a report, there's a police cam but the camera fell to the ground and caught mostly everything in this supposed struggle. There are discrepancies in the police officers story. This is going to grow...

  2. (sigh...) Okay, I'm sure it's me but I don't know of anyone who would resist arrest by the law. So therefore, I would think that most people would comply and would never think of resisting arrest and definitely not fighting an officer for their weapon, unless... there are possibly outstanding issues ie warrants, child support, etc that the alleged offender doesn't want to face and/or come out upon arrest and expose them to further trouble. This just makes no sense to me, According to the article the officer had him on the ground, Why try and handcuff him alone? Where is he going to go? If he did get away the officer has a car, license plate, and whatever else material in the car to track him down, Just senseless,,,

  3. I hate to say this, but it seems type racial stories always pop up when there is some type world crisis going on. We are in middle of a debate a supposed pandemic where debate and rival have been cause tension anoung th2 populus of the world. Just like the father son murder charge against the Black jogger. This sotuation happened 3 montha before it hit the news front. It's almost like the pull up these stories for distraction purposes.

    Anyways with this situation, i wish all the public and these cops would really know the law when it comes to the rights to arrest. A citizen does not have to leave his/her vehicle unless there is reason for suspicion.

    1. @anonymous,

      I agree. They want to divert attention by using the old age issue of racism.

      Utter wickedness!

  4. This is approved murder!
    It seems like OUR only crime is being born black. If the scenario was a WHITE man,the ending would be completely different. It would have been handled with hand cuffs and talk. When are we ever going to be accepted for "NOT AS A BLACK RACE" but as "THE HUMAN RACE!

  5. Based on this article:

    “The officer then tried to arrest Medearis on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, according to the police statement. Medearis allegedly resisted and grabbed the officer’s Taser, and the policeman then fired four times, including two rounds that struck and killed the suspect, Acevedo told a press conference on Monday.”

    Again, put the protest signs down. There was a reason he was stopped (speeding) and then the arrest was to take place (due to suspicion of driving while intoxicated).

    Say no to alcohol folks. Your definition of “drinking in moderation” may not equal the failed sobriety test that comes back when they pull you over which is basically what happened to this dude based on what I read. Who knows what this dude was acting like when they pulled him over.

    Lets admit it, some of this stuff we get ourselves into as blacks aint just because we black…….I don’t think our culture has learned how fly below the radar yet.

  6. One reading aledged
    That his alcohol level was above normal. Not a drinker but have seen some people's actions while under the influence, and took notice of how they react. I would say this, if a person is stopped by a officer, at no point do I think that they should be killed, because remember they are under the influence of whatever. IF that's the case they are acting according to their status. If the trigger has to be pulled, a shot in the leg of arm would be enough for someone that's under the influence, I think. I am sorry to hear of his passing. I pray that every thing that's hidden be brought into light so that we the people will know what took place on that night at that time. May God comfort this family and give the the closure that they need in this matter.


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