Here We Go Again, Breonna Taylor Was Sleeping While Black In The Sanctity Of Her Own Home.

Church this beautiful young woman here is Breonna Taylor. She was a 26-year-old EMT who worked at two separate hospitals. On the night of March 13, 2020, Breonna was asleep at her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker’s apartment when Louisville Metro Police Department busted into his apartment unannounced on a botched drug bust. Neighbors have said that they did not hear the police announce themselves before breaking in. The police came in and shot the apartment with 22 bullets with many going into other apartments. Breonna was shot 8 times and she died that night. Her boyfriend, Kenneth was shot in the leg, but he grabbed his gun and shot back and hit an officer (not fatally). The craziest part about this is that the Louisville police department had already arrested the person that they set up the raid for a few hours earlier. You want to know what is even crazier? The only person that has been charged with anything in this situation is Kenneth Walker. Kenneth Walker was arrested that night for shooting at a police officer and not one single police officer has yet to be detained for murdering his girlfriend, Breonna. Kenneth was released until the police union made a big fuss about it, and they then arrested him again. Louisville Police busted into his apartment unannounced and clearly in the wrong. Louisville Police Department shot 22 times in his apartment hitting him and murdering Breonna in the process. He defends himself and shoots back, and yet he is the only one in jail? How is the person that murdered Breonna Taylor still out and free on the streets and yet the person next to her is in jail for defending himself? What excuse is there for them screwing up their own raid and murdering someone in the process? Just like we have been screaming for justice for Ahmaud Arbery, we should be screaming just as loud for Breonna Taylor. Rest In Peace Beautiful Queen.


  1. This story has definitely blown up... it's on yahoo this morning. Just pitiful.

  2. Uh oh, looks like Breona is no angel in this one. This is why we cant go off of one news article and run out protesting and hooping and hollering “sleep while black”

    A google search showed there is way more details about this.

    1.EMT Breonna Taylor had made “frequent trips” to her home where he had been receiving packages, according to the search warrant allowing officers to raid Taylor’s home.
    2.In addition, the search warrant said Jamarcus Glover used Taylor’s address as his home address and was observed by police picking up a package from her apartment in January before driving to a “known drug house.”
    3.In the request for a search warrant, police claim they believed Glover was using Taylor’s apartment on Springfield Avenue to receive mail and “avoid detection from law enforcement.”
    4.Nothing illegal was found in Taylor's home. While Breonna Taylor was listed on the search warrant, her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, was not.
    5.In applying for the warrant, police requested a “No-Knock” entry to the apartment “due to the nature of how these drug traffickers operate,”
    6.Police had been watching a house at South 24th Street and Elliott Avenue, where they believed Glover was trafficking drugs, since January 2 by using a “pole camera” at the intersection.

    It’s a sad story however the company you run with could eventually get you killed even in your sleep. (sigh)

    Put your protest signs down.

    P.S. yall 60s, 70s, and 80s kids, remember when mamma used to tell us "I dont like your friend, dont be hanging around that person, its something about them I dont like". We didnt understand then, but we know EXACTLY what mamma was talking about now.

    1. Yep CP, that's why we all must learn to sit back, take a breath, and listen. But regardless, this is tragic. When I read stories like this I always wonder if people become involved with illegal activity because they are not making enough money to live--which unfortunately, is a reality for far too many. Or, is it greed and people living beyond their means?

    2. Growing up I used to think that an EMT was the next best thing to a doctor. Then one day I was looking at EMT salaries and its every bit of $10hr on average and I was like huh????? Thats it????? Perhaps she wasnt making enough money.....I dunno....or she was trying her best BUT kept bad company around. Or she could have been that black girl that said "Im gonna do this one last time then leave me alone"! I dunno.

    3. I've read your comments before and I'm frankly shocked at your take on this. I know "bad" people. Some I grew up with. Some in my family. This does not entitle the police to enter my home, not announce themselves as police and spray bullets recklessly. Oh and one thing you left out: the person they were looking for was already in custody!!!!!!!!!! This is reckless homicide at best, a complete lack of regard for black life at worst. And...while we're at it would they have done this in an upper middle class white neighborhood? If you answer no, that is the problem. There is no equal justice under the law in the United States after 400 years of slavery, civil rights abuse, lynching and white privilege.

    4. Hey there. I didn’t leave it out because it was already said someone else was arrested.
      So here are the facts:
      1.The warrant is for Breona. This warrant wasn’t for someone else. There is no mistaken identity. They aren’t looking for the already arrested person. That night was for Breonna.
      2. The warrant is no knock . Why? Drugs! It just so happen nothing is there. Had Breonna been awake she was going to jail that night at minimum for questioning (just my speculation)
      3. The only reason fins are fired is because Breonnas boysfriend fires first.
      4. It’s sad she is dead BUT we can all agree the association this girl has around her has ultimately caused her demise .
      Don’t be shocked at my response. Everything is not a hashtag and worthy of protesting.

    5. @Christian Pentecostal,

      I did find it strange that a lady peacefully sleeping in her home would out of the blue be shot without reason. I do not condone the police modus operandi. But once they caught heat from inside the house, they were set off to respond with maximum force.

      It is unfortunate that Breonna died. However, if she was dealing, she had to know how dangerous this business is. On the street and off the street!

    6. @ Shepherd, Agreed! I think my honest point is, BEFORE we take a side (and a hash tag and tshirt and a protest march), I think all "released" facts should be viewed. Her family is crying on the news and leaving out clear facts. Not one crying family member admits "yes, we understand the warrant had Breonnas name on it and that there was a possibility she was involved". Granted, the lawyer is coaching them on what to say and not say. Had I just went with the families press conference I’d be sitting at home steaming mad that this precious innocent hard working EMT girl was killed for no reason and how dare they accuse her of having anything to do with drugs. But that’s not all the facts.

      I just feel like we cant lump Breonna in with Trayvon and Ahmad. And we certainly cant lump her in with Atatiana who still would be alive had it not been for the negligent or Amber Guyger going into the wrong apartment and killing an innocent man due to her severely OFF perception.

      If someone posted on this blog that CP was killed by a cop while a warrant with my name was being served, I’d want everyone on this board to say “what did CP do to get his name on the warrant”.
      Just my thoughts. I feel horrible for her family. I hate this girl is dead and gone. I also mourn for her choice of friends as its clear she could have done better than this. And hey, if Im completely wrong, I don’t mind being called out on my thought process.

    7. The police obtain a warrant based on supposed drug deals at the house of a woman with no criminal record. After murdering her, they found NOTHING." The same thing happened in Atlanta when the police murdered a 92 year old black women "Kathryn Johnson" because they claim to have witnessed a drug deal at her home. Same outcome, "NOTHING" found because it was a lie. But I guess living in an impoverished neighborhood and having friends who may engage in illegal activities calls for an immediate death penalty, but only if you're black!

    8. Here's the issue, If police have a "no knock" warrant - it could be the most deadly thing they could do. I have a CCW and in my home, I will defend it aggressively. If plain clothes come in my home, by mistake, It could be deadly for everyone involved. As some of us former military people practice Reverse Mozambique drills - that's two up top and one center. Law Enforcement has to reconsider some of their tactics. There's enough thermal imaging equipment to know what's going on.

  3. What's makes the black race so supseptible to shootings? Are we such a threat to society that our lives don't matter? The system is designed to discard us as less than human. This is the curse of society. It's time to change culture mentality to
    Personality reality.

    1. We live in a system based upon the supremacy of white men. We're still aren't afforded the same benefit of the doubt that armed white protesters are afforded. We saw this a Charlottesville. The president even praised the Nazi murders as "fine people." Not one of these white men brandishing some of the most dangerous weapons the law allows have been shot and killed. But if the "black panthers" or any other black activist group (BLM etc) started showing up at state capitols across America armed and spitting in people's faces, they would be plenty of dead bodies. And the sad thing about this is that lots, and lots of "nigroes" who are silent about this would run to the defense of the white vigilantes.

    2. It's obvious you need a "HUG" from the white man. Once they hug you and tell you everything will be alright, It seems only then you would feel better.

      Stop seeking to be validated by them. You are living your life waiting for them to change. It ain't gonna happen. Fact of the matter is it's not the white man that's the world PROBLEM. All of them serve their master and are under the spell of those who are REALLY in control. They are just goyims and Gentiles, who beckon the calls of their owners. Not only prominent White men. but prominent Black men and women as well. When you read a quote made by David Rockefeller stating "Nelson Mandela, whom he met in September 1998, was the man he admired most", you know them that "white supremacy" is a PEON of an issue in today's WORLD.

    3. I wanted to respond to this but I left my tin foil hat home today

    4. That hat's way too big for your head!


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