Franklin Graham, And Other Church Leaders Ask Congress Not To Hold Them Responsible For Reopening During A Pandemic!??!?!/

Church what yall think about this idea? As churches begin to reopen throughout the country, faith leaders want assurance they won't be sued if a congregant contracts COVID-19. Roughly 300 religious leaders, including the bigot Franklin Graham, have signed a letter sent to Congress on Tuesday requesting that the next relief package include legal immunity for religious organizations reopening during the pandemic. In other words, they do not want to be held accountable for people getting the virus from attending a church service.


  1. way. Especially if you're a 501c3 entity. You want that tax break, well be responsible for the safety of your congregation. At our assembly - we had insurance, we had a storm protocol, and several other things in place to put the safety of the members first. It helps to have a pastor that was also a safety officer. Take personal responsibility for the conditions of your meeting place.

    1. I 100% agree with you,Prerich45! These religious institutions are guilt-shaming folks for not physically attending services, (let's be honest, for many of them it's about the collection plates), but want to runaway from their liabilities regarding the safety. health, and welfare, of their membership? Nuh-Uh... It doesn't work that way.

  2. I'm not sure this man raised by his masonic father is intentional in being part of the problem. I'm not sure the part he plays in all this globalist agenda. He calls himself a minister and if he reads his Bible, he should know fear is TORMENT! YET he is acting out of worry.

    It amazes me all the dupes who obey blindly, what Satan puts out about this virus. Fact of the matter is, we all have bacteria and virus in our bodies, and the GOOD LORD has given us an IMMUNE SYSTEM to fight against them. You will never about this wonderful blessing from the number and vaccine pushers. It has never been a time with any virus a mandate was given to quarantine healthy people. Never a time healthy people were summoned to a lockdown. Only those who were sick were left alone, and given ample time for the virus to run its course. I mean...the science behind this is all out there. Yet we got those who push for a globalist Agenda to make up rules to control based on lies and fear. This Franklin dude is more than just a Trump supporter. For all who would despise him because he is a white evangelical, I sit back and chuckle. There is a movement going on way way bigger than race and politics.

  3. All it takes is one congregant to expose the rest of the congregation to COVID and everyone present in that church service has to quarantine. You loose money either way it goes with all the sick folk that CANT come to your church service.

    If I were a Pastor, I’d rather spend time safe guarding my congregation from getting the virus by openly promoting the guidelines outlined instead of trying to figure out how NOT to get sued. You cant place a $$$ on a life folks.

    Looks like another opportunity to keep all the finances and makes sure everyone gets NOTHING in return but an unseen “blessing”. (And I believe in unseen blessings, only the kind that lead to obedience…..not this other junk they preach).

    I guess I dont blame Graham especially when it clearly looks like Trump MIGHT NOT win in November. Clearly Biden will NOT be putting that safe guard in any of his presidential plans. Lol...just saying.....

    1. Exactly CP! Here's a story that ran today on CNN's website: "This New York pastor says his parish lost 44 people to coronavirus"--

      "Raul Luis Lopez is No. 33 on a list that keeps growing. The 39-year-old restaurant deliveryman died last month in a New York hospital. And at Saint Peter’s Church in Manhattan, he’s part of a devastating tally: Coronavirus Deaths from Our Parish. The list sits on the Rev. Fabian Arias’ desk, beneath the N95 mask he plans to wear to the next funeral he’s presiding over. There are dozens of names on it, and he fears soon there will be more. Arias and other church leaders say the pandemic has killed 44 people from their parish. Some were active members who regularly attended Mass. Others showed up sporadically for Holy Week, family baptisms or other special events. Arias views all of them as part of his parish. And he says the death toll in their church reveals a troubling reality about the way the coronavirus pandemic is cratering immigrant communities."

      One would think that any leader of any institution would want to avoid any possibility of such an outcome for their membership or workers.

  4. I'm the other anonymous....
    Look, if you don't want to attend service.....THEN STAY HOME (Simple).

    It doesn't take a Rocket-Scientist to figure that out. (Simple)

    As for as so-called bigoted Franklin Graham....that's YOUR opinion.

  5. I wonder if the reaction would be the same if this was Bishop Jakes?

  6. Miss Ann,

    Attention seeking and a means to secure them 💰💰💰 with no care for the welfare and safety of their congregations!

  7. Christianity and governments are like oil and water it does not mix. Governments listen to demons and hate God which is the complete opposite of what Christians are supposed to be doing and that is not to be polluters and destroyers of the environment along with wanting to play God by sending people to hells on earth that is those demonic structures called prisons. Which by the way are wastes of space and a waste of taxpayers money.

  8. When Christians want to get mixed up with satanically wicked governments they become evil Christians who are dedicated to the demonic sin of hypocrisy.Thursday, 14 May, 2020

    Its true. That is why we have so many people in those cages being dehumanized. Because no has to be a christian and forgive others when they have police around they just dial nine one one instead of turning the other cheek. Satan and the devils love it that so many Christians never forgive even thieves that were supposed to make restitution instead of being dehumanized by having their hands bound together as a animal being kidnapped till they are held for ransom in a prison while being caged there as a animal. Police even sometimes chase after people like a pack of wolves. God never told anyone to behave like that.

  9. Let us REMEMBER! These are White hypocrites and people like Franklin Graham is the LEAD Hypocrite. It is the DOWNFALL of European So call christianity and what True Christianity is.


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