Former President Barack Obama Delivered A Blistering Critique Of The Trump Administration's Response To The COVID-19 Crisis, Describing It As "An Absolute Chaotic Disaster" During A Private Call.

Obama Goes in on Trump Over Coronavirus Response: 'An Absolute ...

Former President Barack Obama has made his feeling known about the pandemic and he totally did not mince his words, either. Obama was speaking with members of the Obama Alumni Assn, and during the 30-minute call, he was explaining to the group why there needed to be strong leadership to manage the crisis. He was doing so while trying to get the former staffers to get active in Joe Biden’s bid to replace President Trump. “What we’re fighting against is these long-term trends in which being selfish, being tribal, being divided, and seeing others as an enemy — that has become a stronger impulse in American life,” Obama said in his assessment of the way Trump has handled things.


  1. The Obama era is over! Tell him go sit down!

    1. I agree. He needs to sit down. I think this is a publicity stunt anyways. All of a sudden a "private" call becomes public. Yeah Right.

    2. @“I agree.” Anonymous,

      What most folk don’t know is that these are to sides of the same coin. The invisible hand that placed Obama in the White House, is the same that placed 45 in the same address.

      So, yes! It is a public stunt to get folk emotional and hyped about the need to make a change.

    3. I'm another anonymous and I approve of your Comment.

      That's MY opinion!

      Btw, I guess people are Ok with a so-called man-woman going into your Wife's, daughters, grandmother's, bathroom.... according to "former" President Obama!

      The devil is a lie.

      Just speaking the Truth. I'm sure this be deleted...maybe not...I do have my Godly opinion. Right??

  2. President Obama spoke the truth!!

    Trump tries to make President Obama the fall guy for his (Trump's) incompetence; intelligent people know otherwise. I think Trump has a problem with the fact that a BLACK MAN became president. He is always tries to discredit and dismantle anything connected to President Obama. Trump is going to reap a whirlwind. The law of reciprocity is slow, but it is sure. For those who want it said in Bible terminology: What you sow, that shall you also reap.

  3. President Obama is well within his rights to speak about what is happening in our country just as any other US citizen. You know what I think--and I can feel it here with just the few comments that have been posted...

    The greatest Republican nightmare is about to happen. This race is really going to be about Trump vs Obama.

    That's a REALLY tough fight to fight and one that Republicans know that they can't beat. Aside from President Obama doing a great job, the Obamas are immensely popular worldwide. Heck, they're just much better and respectable people. Also, ya know what? EVERYBODY knows that this is true too and after all of this mess that we have lived through, people want and will demand, that decency be brought back to the White House... and it appears that will go for the Senate too.


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