Church Sues Zoom After Bible study Hacked With Child Pornography😞😞

Church an online Bible class run by Saint Paulus Lutheran Church one San Francisco’s oldest churches turned sour when it started showing porn—and now the church is suing Zoom, where the meeting was being hosted.
According to the complaint, Zoom's "utter failure in providing security" for its users resulted in a serial offender known to authorities hacking into the meeting and begin displaying obscene footage of "adults performing sexual acts with each other and on infants and on young children."


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    1. Exactly!

      Adults having sex with infants and children?

    2. Don't be silly. Of course that is not funny. I know the Zoom Company QUITE well (ZM:NASDAQ $168/sh) and recently spoke with management about its security issues (maybe about 3-4 months ago) especially given the meteoric rise in its stock price, and told them that it will be targeted unless they fix it. He didn't think it was a problem. Oh, well... I guess he's learning that I was correct because this is just one of a number of lawsuits that's now being filed against the company. That's what I find funny.

    3. Whew...Well Exposed, you shoal needed to explain that from the jump, haha. You had us major concerned there for a minute.

  2. Why pornography anyways?

    Who are the perverts that come up with all this filth?

    What degraded individual would involve CHILDREN?

    Somebody's behind the scenes planning all this.

    1. Ah... now, it makes sense to you?

    2. Nah. I'm not talking about this lone incident. I'm talking about the INDUSTRY of PORNOGRAPHY!

  3. Miss Ann,

    Unfortunately the Zoom application has glitches and I think these depend on the level of licensing and set up of the meeting. If the host doesn’t secure the meeting with a password, anybody and everybody can have access. If the host doesn’t take full control of the video and audio of the participants, then folk can easily project or speak unhindered. Zoom has sent out specific guidelines on what to do to have a secure environment. However, this then limits probably the number of folk and level of interactions.

    With that being said, for the church to sue Zoom, they have to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that as a host they took all the necessary measures to prevent intrusion by uninvited participants and they had full control of both the audio and video of the participants.

    If not, the church leaders will have to revert to the WORD of God to understand who the prince of the air(waves) is (Ephesians 2:2).


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