Christian Leaders Rally In Raleigh Demanding Reopening Of Churches.

Churchgoers from across the state gathered in downtown Raleigh Thursday to rally against Gov. Roy Cooper's stay-at-home order and demand the right to hold services inside their buildings. The group leading the charge, Return America, is led by pastors and Christian educators. During the rally, the group announced that they had filed a lawsuit against Cooper over not allowing indoor assemblies at churches.
I'm so disappointed in the Church. We are not limited by a building to do the work of the kingdom. The early church managed to get 1000s saved with one temple and many house churches. They affected systems. They got persecuted and kept growing daily. We panic cause we can't get in a building on Sunday. 


  1. This is political, Miss Ann. These protesters are being heavily financed by various conservative right-wing groups who really couldn't care less if you go to church or not. It's about using whatever means and whoever is necessary to gain and achieve power. But, take note everyone... What's missing in the picture featured here?

    Why... I see no "colored" folk! Whenever I see, hear, or read, "Make America Great Again;" "Return America;" etc, I know exactly who this is and what it is about.

    1. Thanks for the info, which I truly believe is accurate and correct. I knew someone or something had to be backing this craziness. In other words "White Supremacists supporters of Donald Trump demand reopening of "churches" to worship the President and promote his propaganda for his reelection"😐

    2. Yes, ma'am! And, when such a group is called out on it they'll find someone like an Alveda King, Candace Owens, etc, and throw a few dollars at them if they say something supportive on camera and/or in print. It's all political.

    3. I'm the other Anonymous...

      Are you serious.....does it matter if there are no Black folk in the picture?

      On second thought....Where are the Black Preacher's???

      Therefore, Praise God that they are wanting to open the Church.

      You would ALLOW the devil to keep you in bondage.... Truth

  2. Where are all the Black people? Looks like another right winger outfit. The real church is alive and well, buildings or no buildings.

  3. No the church is not a building. But the LORD USED "buildings" in the NT, even if there were HOUSES for the saints to meet. The LORD had A TEMPLE, a BUILDING. His people built SYNAGOGUES...BUILDINGS for them to come and worship. And today where the CHURCH has grown in numbers BUILDING are used to accommodate people coming together not forsaking to FELLOWSHIP.

    I applaud what this church is doing. And to state that "These protesters are being heavily financed by various conservative right-wing groups.." is an OUTRIGHT LIE. YOU have ABSOLUTELY ZERO proof that this church received tithes offerings or donations from "conservative right-wing" group. You don't have access to this church's financial records, yet alone detail info of who gave what.

    If you want to imagine any chump change given from any group, you need to WONDER about all the MONEY the MULTI-BILLIONAIRE Bill Gates GIVES through his NON-TAXABLE Gates Foundation, the billions of dollars he spends for his diabolical purpose to use man woman and child as guinea pigs.

    The LORD commands His people come together, no matter the lies told through the gates of hell about a pandemic and the NON-SENSIBLE solutions they propose.

    1. Looks like the looney-tunes are coming out of their basements again.

    2. If I'm a looney tune "REBUKE ME"!

      YOU know you CAN'T! Cause you got NO POWER!

      You see I haven't stop yet.

      YOU said before "I should consider myself "turned over".

      Yet you can't help but to respond to my post.

      You need some real counseling. Not the Counsel the world gives through its psychiatry. Not Christian Counseling. Only Biblical Counseling will work for YOU.

      Remember John 3:16 - "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

      Let's start with you getting saved.


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