Can’t Wait To Get Back To Church? The Choir And Praise Team May Have Severe Limitations.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Summary of ACDA/NATS/ChorusAmerica/BarberShop national Pandemic webinar yesterday: 1) There is no safe way for choirs to rehearse together until there vaccine effective treatment place, most likely 1-2 occasionally groups, only when the is Masks spacing DO protect singers from contagion, and super-spreaders. be combination of inside, expensive mitigation fan/atmosphere scrubbing effective the UV in particular dangerous 3) No concerts public performances for 1-2 years, fall, don't frankly, testing becomes rehearse immediate testing iron-clad agreements choir members. possibility with 5) AUDIENCE: liability insurance org. Temperature checks required government recommendations for return to public performances." US safe' For all the choir directors and praise leaders, this comes from the national organizations on choirs and choral singing, some sound advice. This is becoming a liability issue for the churches going forward.  How can you ask the congregation to use their voices in an enclosed building?


  1. We gotta do what we gotta do to stay safe and healthy. This too shall pass!!

    1. It may pass, but life will NOT be the same. All the rule changes and mandates will come.

    2. Ms. Ann, this coronavirus is dividing us big time. Did you hear about the woman in Texas who appealed the decision by a Black judge who called her selfish for not closing down her salon? The judge sentenced the woman to 7 days in jail. Before the woman was sentenced she said "Sir, i have to disagree with you If you think I'm selfish because feeding my kids is not selfish. If you think that the law is more important than feeding my kids, then go ahead with your decision. But I'm not closing my salon". The woman won her appeal to the Supreme Court, and people funded 500K to a gofundme account.

      And just the other day a woman spat on a cop for refusing to wear a mask. This stuff is getting totally out of control.

  2. The simple solution: Have virtual choirs or allow solos only. This solves the issue, but churches need to do social distancing to have any arts ministry period. Drive-in services have worked plus we really do not need music, we need the Word in these stressful times.

    1. We need music. The LORD tell us in Ephesians and Colossians admonishing one another with hymns psalms and spiritual songs. Amazing how you so called Christians think you can find a way to use your brain to override the Word of God. Even in stressful times of this plandemic, we should put God's Word first. Its in times like these, the devil will easily deceive many who don't know and have not stidy His Word.

  3. I don't think too many churches are going to do this. Some of their recommendations are unreasonable. The one they have for schools are impossible to implement.


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