Pastor Jamal Bryant Youngest Daughters Take Their First Steps In Becoming Bosses.

Online congregation good Tuesday morning, it’s imperative that we equip the next generation to create jobs that are according to Pastor Jamal Bryant. Next Sunday his youngest daughters will take their first steps in becoming bosses. 


  1. Miss Ann,

    Bryant has learned from Jakes. Watch the fruit of these pretty ladies 10 years from now.

    1. My thinking as well.

      When I saw this, my mind shifted to the lack of godliness and purity these young ladies may experience when they are older. I like to always tie things to Scriptures, "train up a child", you know, the Passage in Proverbs. Isn't their mom on TV, making money to have her personal life on display?

      You can almost predict how a lot of this will turn out.

    2. Isn't his oldest daughter, Topaz in the ministry? She's a pretty young lady as well, and looks just like JHB.

  2. This topic is so irrealivent that I can't even put it in words...

  3. I'm confused. So they own the restaurant?

  4. Are they even old enough to handle a franchise? Young people are entrepreneurial but they have mentors to guide them. This seems to me like another stream of income for New Birth, but that's just me.

  5. I am happy for them... but any of them over 18? In the real world it takes years of experience in the food service industry to move into management or ownership. It's an enormous undertaking that many grown people cannot handle. Just dealing with the takes years of conditioning to handle the difficult patrons that you encounter in that industry. As a customer, I am not sure how confident I feel about teenagers as the owners of a restaurant I am going to try out. Kids today need to know it takes 10 years to become /be considered an expert in anything (martial arts, piano, medicine, chef, teacher) .. teenagers need to know the path toward mastery of any skill or trade is time and consistency. I wish them all the best, tho.

  6. If I had sons, I'd make sure I'd advise them not to marry these girls. Too high maintenance, materialistic, and maybe some other bad influence of their mother.

  7. I know nothing about these beautiful, black young ladies except who their parents are. I'm pretty sure they have been sheltered and given the best education, the best experiences and things life has to offer. What a great opportunity for them to learn the ropes of the restaurant business, to actually have ownership and the ability to provide jobs and impact a community. I hope the restaurant is a success and if I'm ever in the area, I'll be sure to stop by!

  8. I wonder if Jamal will give these same type of opportunities to his youngest son by ANOTHER WOMAN.

    You can’t CLAIM That YOU are bringing up the next generation to become bosses and have another child who you haven’t cared about nurturing yourself.

    You think a son is going to gloss over the fact his father was instrumental in providing a business for his daughters to own, yet didn’t claim his son for the first two years of his life???

    And then fought tooth and nail to avoid child support.

  9. They aren't even old enough to enter in a legal binding contract, with Jamal's tax issues and Gizelle (whatever it is she is trying to do) this looks like the equivalent of turning on the lights in your kids name because your credit is total trash.


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