Church Votes Unanimously To Kick Out Lesbian Couple.

Online congregation I know I’m a little late to this party about Gracewood Baptist Church. I just read the letter that was written to the gay couple that was unanimously voted out by the staff that they would not be allowed to return to that church. I was shocked to see the wording in that letter. To each their own, but I wonder if they would do the same to someone who wasn't gay but living a hellish lifestyle? Some online folks believe the church did it the right way by letting them attend hoping Gods word and fellowship would bring them to repentance. What are your thoughts? Did the church handle this in the right way?


  1. Maybe if they were not so out with their sin like the adulterous man in the congregation who keeps his side chick in secret, they may not have been kicked out.

  2. I believe solely in the Word of God, through the scriptures. If it is an abomination, a sin, it is. If people choose to be blatantly disobedient to God's word, they're not one of his. Disobedience is a sin. We all have to be disciplined, In order to be called a disciple of Christ.

  3. Since they were openly gay it means they were defiant o to Gods word. That does not defend the fornicators and adulteress and the drunkards but if they sit under right teaching maybe they will come to repentance. The Church did the right thing.


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