U.S. Circuit Court Rules It Is Legal To Refuse Jobs To People With Locs.

Good Saturday morning online congregation tell me what y 'all thoughts are about this? U.S. Circuit Court has ruled that it is legal to refuse jobs to people with locs. This is after an Alabama business had reneged on a job offer, the woman took them to court and lost.  Refusing to hire someone who has locs is legal, thanks to a recent ruling by the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission had filed a lawsuit against Catastrophe Management Solutions of Mobile, Alabama for rescinding a job offer.


  1. I see nothing wrong with locs as long as they are neat and ONE color. To report to a job with local that are several different colors is distasteful and inappropriate.

  2. At least here, the talk is NOT all that rhetoric about "racism", where all some do is complain and poses not plan of action. The story here could fall under the category of "DISCRIMINATION" based on race, and I think the action to file a lawsuit is APPROPRIATE. Let's see what comes out of this case, and not allow our emotions to overtake us to cry RACISM and go burning down and destroying things like we so often do.

  3. This is always a touchy subject and I'm always at an impasse. The vast majority of locs that I have seen are neat and well kept. But, that's a matter of opinion. I've known companies that required all males to be clean shaven. What's the style that most men are wearing these days? I've also known companies of where women could only wear certain colors of nail polish. On and on... This becomes an issue of what is a corporation's right, (who the worker is representing) versus personal right. It's all subjective.

    I recall a story sometime ago where a young black man, who was the valedictorian of his high school, had a beard or a goatee. The school's rule was that in order to march and accept their diploma all young men must be clean shaven. They alerted the young man to this rule more than 3 times before the commencement. He chose not to shave and the school did not allow him to march. He subsequently filed a lawsuit--I wonder what was the outcome of that? Anyway, who was in the right?


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