Dr.Jamal Bryant The Man Who Fell From Grace?!?!?!?

Good morning online congregation, Dr. Jamal Bryant’s fall from grace began with an extramarital affair that tore up his congregation and destroyed his marriage. Dr. Bryant talks to V103 Atlanta about his "fall from grace" as he prepares to lead the flock of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.


  1. He has more women to choose from with his new church!

    1. Derrick O. Davis...you are sooooooo right. It's a trip down here in ATL. It's ridiculous. I'm so glad I got my Michele as my wife for 10yrs. NOT ALL WOMEN, but many of the women at certain churches, especially down here (I won't call names) are used to trap brothers and are used as hirelings to destroy men's lives if there's a vendetta. Yep. And with all these sistas down here shaking what they got in his face, Jamal is going to need ALOT of prayer if he's 100% serious about diving into this. I personally believe he is clueless about what he's getting into. Lord forgive me if I'm off on this, but this will be his biggest challenge of his entire life. That's IF he has that weakness around absolute drop dead gorgeous sistas.

  2. I pray Dr. Bryant either reconciles with Gizelle or he soon finds a wife he can be loyal to. I think he knows that there are some folk waiting on him to mess this up. I think he’s learned his lessons well. I also believe some of the accusations may not have been true but some women that wanted to be with him.

    1. But doesn't the Bible says if he marries again, he'll be living in adultery? Or does what the Bible says matter?

  3. Cop has questions

    A fall from grace?!?
    Even after cheating on your wife and having other kids out of wedlock HE STILL NEVER MISSED A DAY FROM THE PULPIT

    He has matured???
    When he can provide child support payments WITHOUT WHINNING and going to court I MIGHT agree.

    No, pastors aren’t perfect.
    But if your leading a church you should at least be a responsible adult.

    I pray for him. Because he will truly be tested.

  4. I believe he’s paying child support, if he wasn’t we would know about it lol. I think he wasn’t sure it was his kid at first because she was sleeping allegedly lol with Greg Davis an others. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt an believe God is going to continue to perfect what he’s started in Dr Bryant.

    1. Didn’t mean to insinuate That he wasn’t paying child support.
      But in every case that he has a child he fights against paying it before being forced to do so by the states.

      Sorry, but I can’t give him the benefit of the doubt because he has show he has a reputation. And the Bible states that our leaders should be of GOOD reputation.

      And he hasn’t show any type of change in behavior,

      hasn’t shown any type of guilt about his actions,

      And had yet to even attempt at raising the latest addition to his family.

    2. But, we DO know that he wasn't paying child support. We also know that he was held in contempt of court and was just a "snap of the fingers away" from going to jail because he was not paying that support. He knew that was his child because he had a DNA test performed. We also know that it was his numerous incidents of infidelity that broke up his marriage. While all of these issues "may be" settled and under control now there are rumors of more children. He has been accused of stalking, abuse, and harassment. That's a mighty BIG dark cloud that he brings with him into the pulpit every Sunday.

    3. Is he involved in his son’s life? That’s the real question

  5. People are acting like Atlanta is brand new to Jamal, ***News Flash*** it's not! Jamal is a international wh!#**e, he ain't going to get stuck on nothing down in the ATL. He knows not to crap where you eat.


    New Birth is about to make a come-back because of him. JUST WATCH HATERS!!! LOLOLOLOL.


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