Stop It, Donald Trump Is Not Jesus Christ In The Flesh?!?!?!

Online congregation it's on and popping this Sunday morning, this message board implies that Donald Trump is Jesus Christ which has not set well with a lot of Christians. The folks who put this mess up seriously need to repent and take this mess down. It’s blasphemy, heresy, pure unadulterated idolatry. Those who put this up and support this have sold their soul, individually and collectively, to this devil of power, greed, and racism. The Gospel doesn’t need to be made ‘great again’ as the Gospel has always been great" It's great on its own, always has been and always will be.  Donald Trump is not "the Word made flesh." Jesus Christ is. We do not need to "make the gospel great again.
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  1. Some are asking if this billboard real, I have confirmed that this billboard is legit, and it is on display just a few miles from where I grew up. If this doesn’t scare you, the fact that this man’s followers now equate him with God and are willing to display that this prominently, I don’t know what will. Anyone who believes this, and will go this far to try and persuade others, will not see a democratic response that opposes him as an acceptable outcome. I hope to god this is an aberration. I hope to god that anyone who voted for him and is a person of faith loudly denounces this. If not, we are all in trouble.

  2. I am having trouble understanding God fearing Christians total devotion to Trump.

    Even if you agree with his policies and decisions, how do describe him as a GODLY man. when he is constantly bullying people on Twitter.

    His lies can be easily verified by a quick fact check or google search. Are they comfortable standing next to a man who just can’t stop lying?

    The word became flesh?!?!
    When he is telling crowds to punch people in the face, or using petty name calling for people that don’t agree with him, what Godly trait is that exactly?

    Trump isn’t gonna change his behavior. But maybe people who profess themselves as Christians will take a SERIOUS LOOK at who they are aligning themself with and his character.

    1. The coming of Jesus back to this earth to reign as the Supreme King is not shrouded in all that mystery. He is coming one of these days, out of a cloud in the sky, as He said, and when the right time comes, "Every eye shall see Him." His coming is literal, visible, sudden. He is coming in Almighty Power, He is coming as a man of war, as a judge, as a King, as a Restorer. He is to sit on a literal throne, in a literal city, and will rule over literal nations. Every person should be thinking of these things, for they are real. And the signs of His coming are being fulfilled very fast before our eyes. If we are wise we will be in the frame of mind that will enable us to cry, "Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly."

      The Chula Vista Star 1941, Fri

  3. They follow him because they are so full of hate, and they are not Christians. We know the tree by the fruit it bears. There fruit is confusion, hate, lies etc. God is no where in this.


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