About That Larry Reid Intreview With 7000 Clubs Bishop Earl Carter!!

Larry Reid was allegedly BAN from all COGIC event(s) he said because of that ban it has piqued his interest. He said that he has questions about the night (in the post below) and about the COGIC in general. He said that you don’t want to miss tonight’s show when he will interview the 7000 clubs, Bishop Earl Carter, this should be interesting.


  1. Can't wait to hear the converDERNsation!! Lol

  2. Ms. Ann, let me just preface my comment to say my intent is not to be disrespectful. I am only stating my opinion about what I heard Reid interviewing Carter. So if you view my language as "offensive", I am not personally calling anyone any names.

    Jesus called folk names - Hypocrites, Devils, Snakes. He used pointed descriptive that cut at the heart of the SIN OF MAN. HE described his very OWN chosen people, an ENTIRE NATION, as a WHORE and a HARLOT! SO to call someone a sissy (a real light descriptive in my opinion), a FAGGOT, A BULL DYKE is a direct descriptive of their perversion. Paul described them as REPROBATES, those in the lifestyle who turned that which is natural to become unnatural, and the truth of God into a lie.

    For Larry Reid to corelate black folks being called "niggers", and homosexuals called "faggots and bull dykes" is a HORRIBLE analogy. We all are clear, blacks and whites, the meaning behind the word "nigga", that this term signifies all “black” people are inferior, biologically, mentally, and humanly to “white” people. When it comes to the names used to describe those in the gay lifestyle, most people (including a lot of homosexuals themselves) aren't even aware the difference in terminology, and why they should or should not use certain terms. I personally believe the sin of homosexuality is such an ABOMINATION and that confusion, cloud and unclarity will always remain in its roots. Unlike so with the term "NIGGA", where God created all men in his image EQUALLY, and to deny this fundamental truth and practice otherwise is BIGOTRY AND RACISM. All have sinned, (red black yellow black and white) and have fallen short of His glory. For any to use derogatory terms to propagate the supremacy, one group over another is UNETHICAL AND UNGODLY! It is my opinion, MOST sensible white preachers know this, and do not and should not use this term "NIGGA" to describe black folks when preaching.

    I have no problems with any preacher using the terms FAGGOT, BULLDYKE, SISSY while delivering his message on SUNDAY MORNING for 20 minutes to describe homosexuals. It is my conviction, that the Gospel should be preached to all men. Only the gospel can save them. For those who come to the church struggling, seeking to know God, the church should have small group ministries to further reach these lost souls. The Lord has given many in the church spiritual gifts the saints can use to help folks that are struggling. The problem is most BLACK churches have nothing in place for the saints to know what their spiritual gift(s) nor how to cultivate their gifts. There are many many people who God have blessed to come out of the lifestyle. Maybe the Lord could use people like these to start such a ministry.

    The bottom line is all of us (GAY and STRAIGHT alike) need to seek God on our own for ourselves. And I believe if we seek Him diligently, we will find Him. For any homosexual to say they are offended is just an EXCUSE, and the Scriptures PLAINLY states “NO ONE IS WOTHOUT EXCUSE”!

    As for the homosexual who deliberately and knowingly rebel, are gay and happy with their lifestyle choice, and couldn't care less about knowing Him, these folks are way pass being offended anyways. Their mission is to overtly DEMAND others call them the whatever NAMES THEY CHOOSE FOR THEMSELVES to be called in their ball of confusion. Let GOD be true and every man a LIAR!

  3. So let me get this right, you quick to dispute or at least question the language of Larry Reid on his show when it come to the word NI**ga but you don't have a problem with the terms FAGGOT, BULLDYKE and SISSY when it comes to pastors using it for 20 minutes during a sermon? How much sense does that make?

    1. What I'm saying is I disagree with Larry that using the N-Word is the same as using the descriptive for homosexuals. That's just my opinion.


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