Mediaite Founder Dan Abrams To Launch Christian Sermon Streaming Network!!

Online congregation some say that a inspirational network for younger Christians is long overdue.  ABC chief legal analyst and Mediaite and Law and Crime TV founder Dan Abrams launched a streaming network on Monday “dedicated to broadcasting Christian sermons with an in-studio discussion.” "The live programming rollout is scheduled for November with simultaneous back-to-back live sermons airing Saturdays and Sundays and featuring a lineup of high-profile partners such as Victory Church of Tulsa, OK and the multi-site Fresh Life Church, led by pastor and best-selling author, Levi Lusko,” according to an announcement from Ambo.“ “Ambo TV will allow viewers to watch compelling sermons, in real time, from pastors of my generation and discuss them with other viewers from around the world. This is the type of network many of us have been waiting for, and I’m thrilled to be a part of creating it." ( You Can Read It Here )


  1. Okay, now wait a minute here... I need more explanation--and I like Dan Abrams, but how is he explaining his living situation to the religiously anointed? Dan isn't married but has been living with his girlfriend for... as long as anyone can remember, and they have a child together. I wonder if he still has his restaurant? Anyhoo... I wonder what the business model is? Are people paying to have their sermons aired?

  2. I'll have to wait and see, and thus holding my opinion on this one. The fact that this guy's family is Jewish is a big red flag to me. His position and affiliation with ABC (Jewish owned) also raises my eyebrows. I looked at Victory Church and Fresh Light websites, and noted their pastors are very young. I'm wondering why these two churches are highlighted given their pastors are young like that, when the Bible indicates leaders should be seasoned. I think this Network is going to use these young leaders to usher in some contemporary form of Christianity that would seem to stray away from the traditional truth of Scriptures. It does seem however, the doctrinal statements of Victory Church is SPOT ON, and lines up with Scriptures. I don't like the idea of these Pastors being interrupted in the middle of the sermons to discuss issues with viewers.

  3. "The Largest African American Religious Network in the World", THE WORD NETWORK, is owned by Kevin Adell, a Jewish man.

    Mr. Abrams may be on to something.

    1. Right! THE WORD NETWORK, Owned by Kevin Adell, a Jewish man. And we know the kind of false Christianity the WORD puts out. All the false teachers it showcases. Many of these Jews are Luciferians. They hate Christ and Christianity. The nation of Israel today is one of the most ANTI Christ nations in the WORLD. The Bible did say the ANTI-CHRIST will come out of Jerusalem.


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