Willow Creek Church’s Lead Pastor and Board of Elders Resign

Good morning online congregation ego, pride, elitism and superiority can haunt us all, but we contribute mightily to these vices when we automatically equate a growing church with integrity and honor. ( You Can Read About It Here ) According to Laurie Goldstein writer at The New York Times. The lead pastor and the entire board of elders resigned on Wednesday night from Willow Creek Community Church, one of the nation’s most influential evangelical congregations, saying that they had made a mistake by failing to believe the women who accused the Rev. Bill Hybels, the church’s founding pastor, of sexual harassment.


  1. Mr. Hybel has not admitted to any of these any of these charges against him. 60% of all rape accusations are either unfounded or proven to be false. The devil is on a witch hunt against men, thus his barrage of stories about METOO against men presumed as powerful male figures. He's always used silly women to bring men down.

  2. It's a tragedy when church leaders fall into sin, cover it up, and destroy the lives of believers and bring a reproach on the work and Word of God.

    1. Ms. Ann every single denomination in my opinion that has ignored the clear instruction in Scripture on Male Headship/Leadership has gone apostate. Now they're ordaining Homosexuals and Trans!

      I was also struck by this one comment to the accompanying article provided in the link in this article: "Baranowski said that the married pastor also performed oral sex on her, and that she was "unable to say no" to her boss."

      Whaaaaaaat? Excuse me? You profess to be a Christian and your more afraid of your boss than Jesus Christ? You profess to be a Christian and you allow a married man to perform oral sex on you because you don't wanna lose your job????

      For the love of Pete, I'd hate to see what you'd do if you were afraid to lose your head!!!!

  3. Wow what a shame, but it's time for the accountability and exposure be brought out into the light that people may wake up and get free and healed from these Wicked Pharisee, Sadducees, hypocritical lieing dogs be put down step down shut down ����������������


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