Why Would "inner city faith leaders" Be Call Upon To Discuss Prison Reform??

Yesterday during a roundtable discussion on prison reform with 45 and other faith leaders, the number one butt kisser himself Darrell Scott did a great job embarrassing himself when he said: “This is probably going to be...the most pro-black president that we’ve had in our lifetime." What the heck! Anyway, I like and agree with the following social media comment:

"If I had the power or responsibility to arrange prison reform. I may start with calling a circuit court judge, states attorney, social worker, clinical psych, corrections commissioner, case manager, senator Corey Booker and parole and probation agents. These ministers are there for nothing but a photo opt: Are they qualified to change time computation, discuss arguments towards violent crimes and nonviolent crimes sentences. Make improvements in victim services. I can go on and on but all these questions can be answered with the job titles listed above in the first paragraph. Not wanting to insult these men of God I am sure they are great for their communities but it’s like asking a lawyer to perform surgery and asking a dr. to handle a deposition."

I wonder how many people will be leaving Pastor John Grays church?... 😂🤣


  1. Someone posted a list of all the black pastors that met with Donald Trump. I think this meeting unfortunately represents one of the reasons why the black church as an institution has lost much of its influence and respect within the African-American Community. There is a serious disconnect growing between black Christians who are aligning with Evangelical right wing Christians in America and the black community itself.

    1. Now, I agree with this! The comment featured by Miss Ann is spot-on too. The African-American community is speaking QUITE loudly regarding our feelings and displeasure about this president and his Administration. We're NOT dumb! We're NOT stupid! We can see for ourselves what is going on here and we also know where this will all lead to based upon our community's past experiences. Thankfully, most of the African American clergy "gets" this. But, for those few that don't? Well.... consequences, consequences, consequences.

  2. Here’s the list of pastors.

    1. Pastor John Gray – Relentless Church in Greensville, South Carolina
    2. Evangelist Alveda King – former state representative in Atlanta, Georgia
    3. Jon Ponder – Hope for Prisoners in Las Vegas, Nevada
    4. Reverend De Jesus – New Life Covenant Church in Chicago, Illinois
    5. Pastor Van Moody – The Worship Center Christian Church in Birmingham, Alabama
    6. Pastor Kyle Searcy – Fresh Anointing House of Worship in Montgomery, Alabama
    7. Pastor Phillip Goudeaux – Calvary Christian Center in Sacramento, California
    8. Pastor Travis Hayes – Relentless Church in Greenville, South Carolina
    9. Pastor Julian Lowe – Oasis Church in Los Angeles, California
    10. Pastor Benny Perez – The Church in Las Vegas, Nevada
    11. Pastor Paula White – New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida
    12. Marvin Winans Jr. – Los Angeles, California
    13. *Possibly Mr. Smith – ?*
    14. Pastor Darrell Scott – New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio
    15. Bishop Kelvin L. Cobaris – Impact Church in Orlando, Florida
    16. Pastor Sharon Nesbitt, Dominion Church in Marion, Arkansas
    17. Bishop Darrell Hines – Christian Faith Fellowship COGIC in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    18. Bill Owens – Coalition of African American Pastors in Henderson, Nevada
    19. Pastor Mike Freeman – Spirit of Faith in Temple Hills, Maryland
    20. Bishop Dale Bronner – Word of Faith Family Worship in Atlanta, Georgia
    21. Bishop Harry Jackson – Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, Maryland

  3. It's makes Christianity look bad. You either a politician or a minister.

  4. JG attempts to give his reasoning for being there on his Facebook page. He also addresses it in a video I’ll watch later. But I just watched Don Lemon interview LeBron James at his new school and his response to sitting across from Trump is where I stand on the matter. He should have listened to his wife.

  5. No one is going to leave John Gray's Church.

    I personally think it's a great idea for the president and these ministers to get together to discuss these matters. I can't say anything will come out of it. But if we as Christians will do our part as GOD instructed we PRAY for the PRESIDENT, who knows the power of GOD. Even here, all that seem to matter is people (many who call themselves Christians) giving their opinion(s), and not opening their mouths to glorify and praise God. These same folks will praise TD Jakes for his out reach to felons who've committed all sorts of crimes.

    And while I think it's a good idea to get some of these state officials involved as someone posted on facebook, I believe if you are to CLEAN someone else's house, YOU should clean your own house first. A lot of corruption and unfairness takes place with these judges, probation officers, case managers and social works.

    It appears to me that a most meaningful partnership is not even being CONSIDERED. That is...the use of grassroot ministers and evangelists who the LORD uses regularly to form PRISON MINISTRY. These folks sacrifice from their heart to serve men. women and children as their CALLING. I know personally of a minister who have been visiting prisons for years. He gave up his Church to do this full-time because he felt the LORD's calling in this direction. Many have been not only reformed. but REDEEMED as a result of the LORD's hand on him.

    It's SAD these folks don't even get recognized. But you have these high profile Pastors who don't have the passion and compassion of these PRISON Ministers. I know that if God can use a DONKEY, he can use Pastor John Gray and all the pastors selected by the President.

    Just because the news for Prison Reform made our Front Page News, let's not forget that God is still working behind the scenes, giving all sorts of men second, third fourth...chances. A lot of Churches run Prison Ministries, and it's always a blessing when I hear (AT CHURCH where many of you here DECIDE NOT TO ATTEND) the testimonies of many who have been blessed by these ministers. Many souls have been added to the KINGDOM because of many these GIFTED men.

  6. When Paula White is your spiritual adviser, you’ve already started off in the wrong direction.

    In typical Trump fashion, he gets together some people to create a photo-op, says a few affirming words and jesters.

    Then Turns the matter over to someone that’s not qualified, or doesn’t knows the scope of what’s going on. Then it will disappear under a sea of other foolishness.

    I don’t know all of the pastors listed, but I would hope some have good intentions.

    But a hand-full of them (Darrel Scott being one)are just attention whores looking for validation to prop up themselves.

    This will be just a waste of time like his meeting to help historically black colleges a year ago.

    1. Cop you are absolutely correct!!!

    2. @Cop; (CLAP!)(CLAP!)(CLAP!)(CLAP!)(CLAP!!!!) [standing ovation] Ya HIT the nail right on its head!

  7. Pay attention people, now I don't know who all was at the table but sounds like it was a lot of HIGH named Black preachers. Why are they the people to have at the table to talk about prison reform? Come saints we are not that darn stupid are we? Questions, Where there any lawyers? Any corrections personnel? Any civil rights activists? Any experts on the prison system? Any of that? Sounds like a no. And why? Because it wasn't about making a difference it was about parading known Black preachers because like many 45 supporters, some Black people follow these preachers to a fault and he needs all of the Black support he can get.


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