Jesus Take The Wheel "Yoga" Has Come To The Potter House, Dallas TX.

Online congregation why would a Christian church allow the practice of Yoga in worship services? This is unbelievable, this can't be true? It's ridiculous! I'm asking was First Lady Jakes Instagram hacked? My Lord folks on the gram are asking why would any Christian church start this? And if a church is a bible teaching church, why do this?  There is no discernment in some churches today. They have lost their minds.

Instagram Comments:
This just made me very sad, to see how many souls are being lost, yoga can never be Christian no matter how good you want to put it, people please have a personal relationship with Christ know him for yourself then you won’t follow blindly, the Holy Spirit will lead and guide you. And to think how many souls are following this ministry. For the people who are defending it’s because you don’t know if you knew you would run ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth about the church u attend and what Spirit is in control of that church. DON’T FOLLOW BLINDLY

I absolutely love this ministry and speak up for it every opportunity I get, and my heart sank when I saw this. I am originally from Liberia and I know the affects if ancient practices. This is the very thing that got the children of God caught up in the Bible, they wanted to bring false God's into the house of God. I wish the church would stop this. You can not take something who origin comes from idolatry and make it holy because it's in your church or because your thinking of Jesus when you do it, how can you offer something to God that's offered to idols. Yoga (/ˈjoʊɡə/;[1] Sanskrit: योग;  pronunciation) is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. Yoga is one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy.[2] There is a broad variety of yoga schools, practices, and goals[3] in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

 As a former practicing yogi turned servant of the Most High, I can tell you this has no place whatsoever in the House of the Lord. Synchronicity has destroyed a people who are supposed to be set apart. The word yoga means “to yoke” oneself to some sort of god consciousness- but the Bible says there is ONE mediator between God and man - YESHUA. For everyone screaming about judgment and negativity, you are part of the problem - those that worship God must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. You may as well have had Satanist Aleister Crowley come give one of his lectures on yoga. Or better yet tell the truth and let these women know that this EXACT pose, the Tadasana, pays homage to an old Hindu mountain demon. You have thousands of women posing in a yoga pose honoring a Hindu mountain demon in a church. There is no way in today’s environment with all the information out there that you could have not done simple testing of the spirits against the word and not have known this before you put this evil out here for people to consume. This is no different than sacrificing pigs in the Solomon's temple. Just like us yoking ourselves to Hindu demons is defiling what is supposed to be the our body which is the temple of Christ. Wake up and stop with the deception. Repent before God judges you for this deception. It’s WRONG.


  1. Why shouldn't they?

    This is just one of the few things where myself and religion definitely diverge paths. Yoga is FANTASTIC exercise and it is something that I HIGHLY recommend that everyone do. I'm an amateur bodybuilder and lift very heavy. I cannot begin to tell you all of the positive benefits that I have personally experienced lifting weights because of yoga. The same can be said for tennis, running, dance, (and yes, I have taken ballet classes. You think it's easy? TRY IT!), and other sports! Yep! I was once one of those that believed that there was some type of religious mumbo-jumbo behind it but that was only my ignorance and what "someone" said in the church that implanted such an idea in my mind. Besides, if I ever encountered anyone that was too "whatever" I would just get up and leave. OH GOSH! The breathing, flexibility, endurance, and enhanced thinking, are just the top line benefits of yoga! It is EXCELLENT exercise for the body and mind! My practice style of choice? Anusara and Kundalini. The following is how yoga is religious oriented (and, it's a joke folks);

    -When you body is in a contortion like pretzel: "Dear God! I had no idea the body could do this!"
    -When you do an asana that requires balance; "Help me, Jesus! I'm falling!"

  2. Most in the audience are silly women, seeking to become empowered, i.e. EVE entertaining Satan's words, that her eyes will be opened and she will know good from evil. I will encourage any man to stay away for any these type women. OUR Black women has got to do better. And not to let the men off the hook, as I despise men like TD JAKES, CREFLO, Hagin, Copeland, Hinn, and all these false aposttles who lead our women astray, tickling their itching ears with fancy words to appeal to their emotion.

  3. "Online congregation why would a Christian church allow the practice of Yoga in worship services? "

    OOPS! I just really read this. While my previous post still stands, I would need to hear more context of why a religious leader would want to use yoga during worship services. Maybe there is a point that he or she wanted to make. etc Like those in the image above are doing the tree pose and so maybe some sort of point was being made involving the strength of a tree. Who knows...

  4. The Children of Israel never got in trouble for abandonment of God. Their rebellion and disobedience was much greater SYNCRETISM.

    You cannot mix the CLEAN with the UNCLEAN nor HOLY with UNHOLY.

    Definition of syncretism
    : the combination of different forms of belief or practice

  5. You get from yoga what and how you define it. Yes, yoga is rooted in the religion of Hinduism, Buddhism, and whatever else "isms". But, so are the Olympic games. The origins of the Olympic games were part of the Greek religious offerings and celebrations of the Grecian Gods ie Zeus and his crew. Should we not participate in those games or sports? Here in this country, (especially when the yoga wave happened in the early 80's), yoga has always been viewed as exercises and health, in addition to being a HUGE moneymaker! People are empowering something that has no power. In fact, a somewhat recent case determined that;

    "Yoga in America, however, is a secular, multi-billion dollar industry. It is only a philosophical or spiritual practice when we want it to be, and we certainly don’t accept it as a religion. In July 2013, Judge John Meyer from California, deemed yoga as an American sensation when settling a court case involving disgruntled parents of students at a school in Encinitas. Feeling like yoga should not be taught in schools because of its spiritual and religious connotations, parents wanted yoga completely removed from the curriculum. However, the judge on the case said, “At its roots yoga is religious,” but continued to say that even though yoga is a Hindu practice, it is now “a distinctly American cultural phenomenon.”-- So! Like the Olympics, yoga has taken on a completely different meaning and definition.

    Therefore, detractors tell me; What does the following pose have to do with religion?

    But, bottom line... if it is something that you feel uncomfortable with then you just don't do it.

    1. Look NUMB NUMB…You continue to make up YOUR OWN when saying “But, bottom line... if it is something that you feel uncomfortable with then you just don't do it.”
      I know you love words like these the devil whispers in your itchy ears. But truth of the matter is, if you claim to be a “BAPTIST Christian”, you'd realize that
      God revealed to us His TRUTH through the WORD of GOD.

      So when matters like Christians using yoga in worship services (WHAT A JOKE!), or yet alone participating in yoga, we got to read what GOD (not YOU!) tells US to know TRUTH and principles for living with regards to this issue. I could care less you substantiate your false belief based on some judge’s ruling. Once again you show your FOOLISH WAYS.

      I suggest you READ your Bible, and see the many times it speaks against the use of any practice (ancient or new) believed to be the path to spiritual growth and enlightenment while improving oneself physically. Any practice whose goal is to unite the individual “self” with a false God. I challenge you to tell us as YOU CLAIM to be a Christian, what God says through HIS WORD about this practice, whether it be direct truth or principles we as His people can apply as a part of our living.

      Let me help you out Mr. Baptist a few things he said –

      “Thou shall have no other God besides me”.

      “But refuse profane and old wives' fables, and exercise thyself rather unto godliness. For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.”

      “But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in HIS LAW doth he meditate day and night.”

      “Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.”

      “ Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God.”

      And one more thing, it’s STUPID of you to compare yoga to any athlete training for the Olympics. They are NOT the same!

  6. A Christian church wouldn't but then again we're talking about the Potters House so anything goes at that place.

    1. ....and folks are surprised? Why!!? Jakes has fallen and many are falling right along with him. It’s all about the Benjamin’s people! Holiness is foreign to most churches now! And the few that yet teach holiness, is being ridiculed by the mass deceived people. So Jakes allowing this, is NOT a surprise to me.

  7. Yoga Is A Spiritual Technique. Christians "Christianizing Yoga". Each Pose Or Posture Is An Offering To Millions Of Hindu gods. The Holy Spirit Does Not Reside In The Potter's House, Nor Does He Reside In The Leader Of That Place. Shalom

    1. Oh please... where are you getting such nonsense and with what specific references and sources are you supporting such a statement with?

    2. I Practiced Yoga Years Ago. So My Experience And Research Of What Yoga Is My Reference And Knowledge. You On The Other Hand, Need To Get Some Common Sense And Wake Up! Shalom

    3. Well Dot, I cannot speak to your personal experiences but I have practiced yoga for many years and take classes 2-3 times a week to this very day in addition to my other exercise routines. Not ONCE, (and I have been to NUMEROUS yoga classes in many different cities with many different teachers), have I ever felt that I was being told something or doing anything that violated my own personal religious convictions. Never. Had I ever felt any type of inkling as such as that I would simply stop, get up, and leave.

  8. I Have Been To The Potter's House, I Have Also, Watched And Seen Jakes' Performance, Interviews Since The 1990's. So, "Know", What I"m Talking About! Shalom

  9. Replies
    1. Yoga Is "A Stumbling Block", It Is A Worship Of Many Hindu gods. God Said "Do Not Have Other gods Before Him". Make Sure You Know Exactly What Paul Is Saying. He's Talking About A Type Of Judging, He's Not Teaching "Not To Judge". Shalom



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