Get Out Of Here: This Church Is Looking For a Pastor Who Will Preach ‘Word for Word’ Sermons From Famous Pastors!

Online congregation you can make consumers from the pulpit, but not disciples. Struggling to believe this is not satire but Relevant Magazine is reporting it as real. A church in Colorado has posted a job listing on that claims:

“This offer is going to be nothing like any other church job post.” And after reading it, it’s pretty safe to assume that is indeed the case. The church said that people in their area “are hungry but the spiritual food in the churches here is without flavor or life. However, they said: “When you watch a sermon from Craig Groeschel, Andy Stanley or Steven Furtick. You feel like you were fed. Why can't we have that in a church without playing the videos from the above pastors?”

 They make a good point. Most churches don't expect the worship team to write their own songs. As long as they give credit. Some pastors do this occasionally, maybe not word for word, often without giving credit. What's your thought?

( You Can Read The Article Here )


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