Why Is Prophet Brian Carn Still Being Booked!??!?

Shaking my head, when good preachers/pastors/teachers support a questionable preacher/pastor/teacher by partnering with him in ministry and giving him a platform to preach, yet there's no public correction of the questionable preacher/pastor/teacher by those good preachers/pastors/teachers those good preachers/pastors/teachers are not only endorsing the questionable preacher/pastor/teacher but are also implicated in the promotion of the questionable preacher/pastor/ teacher as though they were questionable themselves.

I said all that to ask this question why are pastors still inviting Prophet Brian Carn into their organizations for speaking opportunity or engagement? they are clearly not divinely lead by God nor has his or their flocks best interest at heart. why is Prophet Brian Carn even named among these preachers/pastors/teachers of the Gospel? The July 20-25, 2018 upcoming Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith International Holy Convocation with Bishop Lambert W. Gates, Sr., Presiding Bishop will feature Darrell Fairer, C. Shawn Tyson, Lambert Gates, Michael E. Ford, Jerry Baldwin, Tudor Bismark, Jeniva Mpofu, Anthony Moore, Angela Abrams, Patricia Germany, Brian Carn, Francis T. Burr. 

Thanks, Damon Richardson 

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  1. They can't afford not to because he's good at raising offerings.

    1. Marshall you just could be right!

  2. Please Saints lets not devour, gossip, or slander this man. I feel the same way everyone else does - however, one of the things I love about God is "He knows how to personally sit you down Himself - especially if you are employed in the Kingdom of God." So let's keep praying for him and the ones effected by wrong choices and bad behavior - but please a message to all of us- Let's stop killing people with our mouths.

    We have a choice, if people produce strange fruit - we do not have to follow them unless we desire too. Let's pray for all involved because God knows what to do and when to do it...God Bless!

    1. The Bible never encourages us to pray for false prophet.

    2. If your home catches fire don't call the fire department just sit there and PRAY ABOUT it...smh

  3. Don't hate the player, hate the game.
    Ya'll mad at Brian Carn but he wouldn't BE Brian Carn if his followers didn't worship him.
    I know a lady who LOVES Brian Carn I mean you better not say a bad word about him.
    She can see everybody else sin but when it comes to Brian Carn he is a man of God and you better not speak against him.
    What does that tell you...?!


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