What Does It Mean To "Engage The Culture"???

What does it mean to "engage the culture"? Culture is the new buzzword today within the Christian community, there is a surge of people like Pastor Tavis Greene, Israel Houghton, Pastor John Gray, Tasha Cobbs Leonard and others talking about the need to engage the culture. The idea that as culture changes a new church movement should emerge in response. In this case, it is a response by various church leaders to the current culture. What exactly does one mean by engage the culture? Culture is simply the social behaviors and norms found at any given time in any given society. Cambridge’s dictionary defines culture as a way of life as shown in our ordinary behavior and habits, attitudes toward each other, and moral and religious beliefs. ( You Can Read About It Here )
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Israel Houghton
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There are 3 responses to culture; complain, conform, or to CONFRONT.  Three-Time Grammy Nominated, 11-Time Stellar Awarding Artist Travis Greene and Forward City Church will set out to ENGAGE CULTURE. This power packed weekend features some of the hottest names in Christian and Gospel Music and Entertainment, as well as community-based events set to engage and inspire not only the attendee - but the very culture around them.


  1. Its a take on the Neo-orthodoxy of the 20th century theologians, the Neibur Brothers. Read Christ and Culture. (Check title) Great book!

    1. 1st Lady Hope;Sunday, 29 July, 2018

      I'm set this right here:

      Got Questions.com
      What is the emerging / emergent church movement?
      emerging church, emergent church
      Question: "What is the emerging / emergent church movement?"
      Answer: The emerging, or emergent, church movement takes its name from the idea that as culture changes, a new church should emerge in response. In this case, it is a response by various church leaders to the current era of post-modernism. Although post-modernism began in the 1950s, the church didn't really seek to conform to its tenets until the 1990s. Post-modernism can be thought of as a dissolution of "cold, hard fact" in favor of "warm, fuzzy subjectivity." The emerging / emergent church movement can be thought of the same way.
      The emerging / emergent church movement falls into line with basic post-modernist thinking—it is about experience over reason, subjectivity over objectivity, spirituality over religion, images over words, outward over inward, feelings over truth. These are reactions to modernism and are thought to be necessary in order to actively engage contemporary culture. This movement is still fairly new, though, so there is not yet a standard method of "doing" church amongst the groups choosing to take a post-modern mindset. In fact, the emerging church rejects any standard methodology for doing anything. Therefore, there is a huge range of how far groups take a post-modernist approach to Christianity. Some groups go only a little way in order to impact their community for Christ, and remain biblically sound. Most groups, however, embrace post-modernist thinking, which eventually leads to a very liberal, loose translation of the Bible. This, in turn, lends to liberal doctrine and theology.
      For example, because experience is valued more highly than reason, truth becomes relative. Relativism opens up all kinds of problems, as it destroys the standard that the Bible contains absolute truth, negating the belief that biblical truth can be absolute. If the Bible is not our source for absolute truth, and personal experience is allowed to define and interpret what truth actually is, a saving faith in Jesus Christ is rendered meaningless.
      Another area where the emerging / emergent church movement has become anti-biblical is its focus on ecumenism. Unity among people coming from different religious backgrounds and diversity in the expression of corporate worship are strong focuses of the emergent church movement. Being ecumenical means that compromise is taking place, and this results in a watering down of Scripture in favor of not offending an apostate. This is in direct opposition to passages such as Revelation 2:14-17, Jesus' letter to the church of Pergamum, in which the Church is warned against tolerating those who teach false doctrine.
      False doctrine seems to abound within the emerging / emergent church movement, though, as stated previously, not within every group espousing emerging / emergent church beliefs. Because of this, care must be taken when deciding whether or not to become involved with an emergent church group. We all need to take heed of Matthew 7:15-20, "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them."
      While seeking new ways to witness to a changing culture is admirable, utilizing ways which compromise the Truth of the Gospel in any way is nothing more than promoting false doctrine and leading others away from Christ instead of to Him.

  2. This is what used to be called an outreach (about 15 minutes ago) . This is code for proof of this church and the principal people (headliners) being "relevant" another buzzword of today's "culture"". This is the latest in the secular, worldly wisdom concept of "branding" which is Satan's latest packaging of fame and fortune. The same thing he offered Jesus overlookimg the mountain.

    1. WELL Said!

      LIKE..."This is the latest in the secular, worldly wisdom concept of "branding" which is Satan's latest packaging of fame and fortune."

  3. If we are going to embrace the culture, let's start off re-defining LGBT. Instead of Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender, how about

    “Liberty, Guns, Bible, Trump.”


  4. Engaging the Culture? This is what those who have only crept in unaware can DO because THEY THEMSELVES really really have not EMBRACED the GOSPEL. They have not EMBRACED the LORD. They have NOT EMBRACED his commandments -

    "And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
    He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned."


    "Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord,"

  5. He is trying to sell his book.

  6. Another example of fake Christianity!

  7. He is a father, husband, writer, etc...but when asked how does he do it all, he did not give God the glory. If this what engaging the culture is all about, I want no part of it!

  8. He said he wants to start a movement (red flag) and we as believers should make our voices heard. We should become the change that only comes with tension and engagement. This is an outright LIE according to the Bible. We are new creatures and we are called to grow through the study of His Word, prayer, fellowship with His people, and trials. Has nothing to do with "engaging culture". We are called to be witness and ambassadors for the KING, These folks always want to replace what they think better than what God has said.

  9. Um...so...if you go to a church that has any type of outreach/mission/social Gospel, your church is engaging the culture. OFTEN, without systematic forethought. Please be careful of such strong condemnations. Please?

    1. Enough of the man-made rhetoric ("engaging the culture"), especially the way the dude being interviewed explains.

      It amazes me, these rich money making famed individual like this Ignoramous Pastor Tavis Greene talks about engaging the culture. You have tons of churches who have been sponsoring missionaries ((my church sponsors several) for years, where GOD put on the heart of individuals to sacrifice, leaving the comfort of their living and lifestyle, to enter into some of the poorest countries in the WORLD, to spread the GOSPEL to many whose SOULS are dying. These TRUE MISSIONARIES hardly ever speak in terms of "engaging the culture". The Speak Jesus' Words of the GREAT commission.

      Yet somehow I'm supposed to "engage" the words of the Pastor Green, when he is profiting from his concerts where he sings a few songs and leave?

      Not in my LIFETIME will I ever buy into the DEVIL's ploy!

  10. This is a way to get the church to back down from preaching holiness and holy living.


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