What Do You Think About Children Preaching?

Online congregation children are some amazing imitators of adults they want love, attention, and affirmation. For years I couldn't buy  into the idea of children being preachers. There's something about it that just don't jive with me, but the little boy in the clip below has almost changed my mind about that. Some folks are saying that he's a modern day Samuel and that he's truly anointed and chosen by Jehovah. 

 But I still got questions like do children understand the serious doctrines and theologies they’re preaching about? Is it possible to preach with authority if you haven't experience anything? Doesn't those who preach to others must first preach to themselves? (Ro. 2:21; 1 Cor. 9:27). Can a child who hasn’t developed critical thinking nor been educated can preach the true word of God?  Do you think children can teach Bible lessons that don’t conform to the beliefs of their own church or group? Can a child out line a sermon? I doubt it...What do you think about children preaching?


  1. Ms. Ann, I believe that it is good for a child to know the word of God but not to preach, we must be careful for what we do with the word of God because we need to understand how God works through his word. Jesus was visiting temple at an age of 12 years but never preach until he is about 30 years when he start ministry. If Jesus started at about 30 years as we know he is God cant we ask ourselves why? We need to fully understand that the word is meant to convince, correct, rebuke, warning, urging and encouraging, 2 Timothy 4v2. Do you think children must do that to their parents? How would you feel when your own child rebukes an old man or woman? Do you know that prophets were hatred and were killed by people because of their sin confrontation? Jesus waited to be old enough to correct, rebuke etc because he was in good age to do that. No child will be allowed to preach to my church because God cannot contradict himself as we are. Children will preach what we want to hear as many preachers do.

  2. He needs to be outside playing kickball! Let him have a regular childhood and if he has a call on his life then teach him the word at his level, allow him to participate in regular children ministry at church and then he can go to seminary later on. A lot of people are going to make money off this little boy!

  3. While I believe that the Lord can use anything, and anyone to spread and uplift His word, I'd be VERY cautious of this. Generally speaking, ALL behavior is learned and therefore that would include preaching too. How can this 7 year old identify and relate to many things of life and the Bible? When I see children like this I'm reminded of an Oprah Winfrey episode from long ago.

    "Does This Child Preacher Understand the Words He's Yelling? | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN"

  4. Your answer to this question lies in the life of Margoe Gortner: parents started him preaching at the age of 4 all over the country. He always said it was all an act. Money to be made. See his story on YouTube if you never heard of him. If your gut tells you something don't jive, then why convince yourself otherwise?

  5. I'd rather see him doing this than cussing, smoking and drinking at this age.
    Let him grow into his gift.

  6. He’s apart of the Hilton preaching clan out of NJ. In my experience with young preachers I mentor, I often dissuade them from preaching until they are absolutely sure God called them to preach. Did God call him to preach? We don’t know. Should he be given this kind of exposure? No. Social media is ruining those whom God is trying to hide until His time to use them. Bishop Anthony Gillyard should have used more discretion and not allowed him the Sunday morning platform, but develope during the weekday small meetings. From the clip we can tell he didn’t write his sermon and he used a whole lot of catch phrases. I pray they didn’t collect an offering and ruined him.

    Preaching clans are becoming more and more popular.

  7. That's because folks want entertainment and theatrics. Foolish church folk accept anything and everything. If he hasn't already, mama and papa will be getting offerings and donations.


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