This Church's Controversial Sign Cost Them Their Meeting Space.

A small church in Indiana (You Can Read It Here) is being evicted from its building due to an outdoor sign that criticized homosexuality. Remnant Fellowship Church in Auburn, Ind., posted a message on its sign that read: “LGBTQ is a hate crime against God. Repent.” WPTA-TV ran a story about the sign on June 27, focusing on the sign and the pushback by some in the community against it. On July 8, WPTA reported that the congregation had been booted from building by the landlord. A church member confirmed the news. The pastor had told the television station that the sign was an attempt to “reach young people and steer them away from a lifestyle they believe is harmful to them.”


  1. Sometimes telling your truth can be costly.

  2. The woman who changed their sign was wrong for that.

  3. All sin is unbelief in God as the giver of righteousness and faith in oneself as righteous apart from Him.That hostility is a hate crime against God,yet He mercifully and justly offers forgiveness to the whole human family by Jesus’ finished work at the cross.Where sin abound grace much more abounds.God’s gift of righteousness is given to all who place faith in Jesus alone plus nothing.

    1. I don't think the Pastor is being hostile. “LGBTQ is a hate crime against God. and they should repent.”

    2. Amen. You seem to be hostile towards the pastor for telling the truth.

  4. We are the church not the building. They can rotate having church in each others home like they did in Acts.

  5. The Door Was Opened In June Of 2016. Only God Will Close It And Destroy It. Shalom


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