Paula White Says There Is a Difference Between Jesus As A Refugee And Those Who Enter the US Illegally!!

Jesus broke religious man made laws all the time. He healed people on the Sabbath! Not that I really expect good exegesis from bobble head Paula White, but this really is scraping a new low in terms of trying to make a theological case against illegal immigration.  



  1. FYI Pastor Paula Laws where know where near as exstensive as they are NOW! There where no border patrols but there was an INSECURE king and leaders that rallied a base that was OFF! Our Savior came into His own and they (pharisees) where only legal when it was convenient for them, this sounds all to familiar! Pastor Paula with all do respect, these people are running from something horrible, they should come through legally and Vetted properly. We are so un-qualified to talk about the journey of these people . I live a few hours from the Canadian border and Canadians aren't trying to ESCAPE their country! Pastor Paula as YOUR Spiritual Father Bishop TD Jakes stated let's help Mexico fix the problem! You Pastor Paula never had to run for your life with just the cloths on your back by boat, bus or through a hot dangerous desert risking being taken by huma trafficking which is a whole other topic! Let's provide and suggest SOLUTIONS that you would need as if the situation was revered after all this is the GOLDEN RULE, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! By the way nearly 85% of our country ran hear from another country and the majority was not vetted properly and we as black people was FORCED here! We all should leave and give the Native Americans as well as Mexico their land back!!! This Coming From A "Prayefulky Concerned Pastor"����❤️����

  2. It amazes me how black people still sit under her leadership.

  3. Good heavens, Paula White is dense even by prosperity gospel standards. She states, "If Jesus had broken the law, He would have been sinful and wouldn't have been our Messiah." Two thoughts:

    1) Her claim that Jesus wasn't "illegally" in Egypt (in the sense he wasn't violating Egyptian law) is accurate. However, the Holy Family did contravene the order of the sovereign Herod in fleeing. Additionally, Jesus broke multiple other laws--both civil and religious, though never divine--and was crucified, in part, because of it. We are called to obey the civil law, but breaking it is not objectively sinful. In fact, there are situations where we would be morally compelled to disobey civil law.

    2) It is somewhat rich to hear Paula White defend Christ's nature when she doesn't even believe he's God.

  4. Is Paula (Trump’s SPIRITUAL adviser) suggesting Jesus never broke the law?

    Does she even know that he was crucified For breaking the law in claiming he was the son of God?!?!

    Jesus did exactly what people have done for hundreds of years. Standing up for righteousness even if it goes against government laws.

  5. This air head! Back in that time period, people went from country to country with no problem. For example, after the Birth of Christ, the Magi travelled through many countries to get to Bethlehem. But, they didn't carry passports, or even have to show papers. So, her comment is totally idiotic.

  6. �� How can Paula White believe he was The Messiah when he wasn’t white and NEVER preached the prosperity un-gospel? In fact, has she ever read The Sermon on the Mount? It is the ani-thesis of her rhetoric and lifestyle.

  7. Jesus broke a bunch of laws. That’s why he was executed!

  8. Matthe 5:17 “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the Prophets. I have not come to abolish, but to fulfill.” Jesus did not break any laws, we can not find any scripture to suggest He did.

    1. Whether he sinned, or didn't, or whether he broke the law or not might not be the point.
      Wasn't he a child? And didn't his parents take him there. He did not run away there on his own. It was King Herods' "Law" to have all the male babies killed, so they ran. They can't even use Romans 13 correctly to justify what they are doing with separating babies from paeants. But they are still going to do it anyway. If I am on my death bed, and she is the only "minister" available, I will let her read Harry Potter to me before she presents me with a single bible verse.

    2. His parents did not sin either, trace the lineage and you will understand they had rights to the City of David. No one broke any laws, to say so is to add to Scripture.


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