Meet The Man Making Money Off Christianity In Africa!

Seriously y 'all, how can people be so darn gullible and stupid??!! Check out the rest of his “theology” which is also suspect. Obinim claims he can turn into anything, including animals and trees. He says he can retrieve passports from the spiritual world. He claims that he can change body parts. Obinim’s members now refer to him as Angel Obinim. He told them he was made an angel by his father, Jesus. He insists he can enter people’s dreams. And he recently told his church members that he went to Heaven, had a conversation with God and drew the jealousy of Satan.


  1. ....and satan can transform himself into an angel of light. Nothing new under the sun.

  2. But, how is he any different from those that we know that are near, "dear", and very close to us right here at home? The Paula Whites, The Brian Carnes, and many more! All of them have their "special" cloths, oils, touch, and/or whatever else that can make and do miracles... for a financial price of course. And, such charlatans that I cited aren't new. You had the Father Divines, The Sweet Daddy Graces, The Rev Ikes (Although I liked him! He was MOST entertaining!!!), and so many more. Until believers BELIEVE in God, and have FAITH in God, and trust their own personal relationship with God, these charlatans will always exist.

    1. If they had to depend on me, they’d be waiting for their EBT benefits to hit! My eyes are wide open now! I don’t trust no man! I learned a hard painful lesson, but it was for my good! Hurt will teach a teachable person. I learned well!

    2. Good for you, Janice Houston! The Lord uses many things and people to help us open our eyes and move us closer to him. We all should remember that we should trust God and not man! It's just not going to happen that some man is going to cause me to walk off the top of a tall building; drink something that I don't know what it is a la Jim Jones; or rubbing his hands all over my body in places where his hands shouldn't be--oil, or no oil! It just won't happen without me stopping it and asking some questions first!

      In not trying to be flippant, and acknowledging the unfortunate pain that you endured, some of this stuff is just too funny, and you wonder how people fall for it! Paula White tells her membership that God told her that he wants to give them a special blessing but to get that blessing they must give one month's earnings/wages to the church--which is Paula White, of course... LOL!!! Now, I wouldn't be able to fall to my knees fast enough to have my own private conversation with the Lord, God! "God! What is this here thing that you done told Paula. If you can tell her you can tell me too!"

    3. A lot of the problems are, black folks have itching ears. My stopped itching a long time ago. We have to get in His Word for ourselves. Church folks are some of the biggest manipulators on earth. But Exposed, I agree!


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