Is Betsy DeVos Family PROFITING Off Kidnapped Children?

Lord have mercy, 81 immigrant children forcibly separated from their parents have been sent to a conservative Christian adoption agency tied to the Betsy DeVos family. Betsy DeVos donated $300,000 to the group and her husband's cousin Brian DeVos was a Vice President. Most of children have had no contact with their parents. 
How is this legal??


  1. I don't know about any type of DeVos involvement but I've had a gut reaction and thought for quite some time now that these children were being sold.

    1. It's obvious that they've had an agenda from the beginning to do "something" with these children. Most likely had a plan all along just waited for the right population to show the availability.

  2. Now the truth is coming out. We are so quick to polarize (black vs white evangelicals / Christianity vs Jesus, etc) while the devil is sitting back using these kids and families to profit in GREED. That's always his tactic - to divide and conquer, and he will devise to use even the innocent in doing so.

  3. Her ugly face has always revealed who she really is.


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