Gospel Singer Le'Andria Johnson's Pastor Tim Rogers Speaks Out On Her Behalf!!

Gospel singer Le'Andria Johnson's pastor, Tim Rogers, says her irreverent criticism of the Church was "misguided passion" and he hopes Christians don't "throw her away altogether" because there is a place for her in the Kingdom.



  1. Ha! Is he the same one that recently said there is no hell?

  2. And he's her pastor haha oh okay...

  3. I really don't understand why reference irrelavent criticisms by the "CHURCH". What she did will have no affect on the millions of churches operating weekly across the world. She will receive no invitation or ask to come sing at nearly all of them. People are giving their opinions biblically or not biblical because she blasted across social media for the world to see. Right now she is being left out of a very very small circle and all the hoopla from this pastor (who proved his lack of credibility just recently) to plead in her behalf for the "CHURCH" to pardon her. This has nothing to do with a stronger brother restoring a weaker brother. She is a part of his congregation, let him restore her and see how all this turns OUT! This is MEDIA MADNESS. This is news for RIDICULE at its BEST! I applaud all who raises STRONG NEGATIVE opinions about this lady and her pastor. And if Le'Andria had any moral compass, she would realize that they (like her) have "freedom of speech" TOO! This is HILARIOUS. Good topic for public opinion Ms. Ann,

  4. Jesus does talk about forgiveness, but that does not mean churches have to book her for events. Tim Rogers knows that LeAndria's actions will decrease her income, therefore decreasing the tithes she brings in the church.

    Nevertheless, Rogers told the world, "hell is what you create" and "do whatever you want to do with your life." Well LeAndria made a choice, and based on Rogers' philosophy, Leandria is determining whether she's experiencing heaven or hell on Earth. Rogers 15 minutes of fame is up!

  5. Well this answers all our questions. She is preaches false doctrine and submits herself to a Pastor that teaches false doctrine. Im not surprised!!!!

    BTW if your Pastor invites her to sing during a worship service, I suggest you get another Pastor. Leandria is for entertainment purposes only and nothing more........

  6. Walter /Edwin Hawkins also taught and believed/taught in the false doctrine of Inclusion but Bishops/Gospel artist fellowshipped with them...???

    1. And the Bishop/Gospel Artists that fellowship with them weren't right either. Who cares about their title. Sin knows no title.

    2. Agreed!...They all are wrong!...I understand what she is saying...You didn't call out Walter/Edwin Hawkins for their sin so why are you trying to call me and other Christians out for theirs!...She is lost and so are they.


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