Ex-UCLA Basketball Player Billy Knight Shares Tragic Goodbye Video, Asking God To Forgive Him.

Suffering is one of the consequences of living in a fallen world, so we shouldn't be surprised when we witness something like this. 

On July 8, former UCLA Player Billy Knight posted a video to YouTube titled "Billy Knight I am sorry Lord," which he began by saying, "This is probably my last message on earth. Y'all mental illness is a real thing". The black community is the most under served, not because it doesn't exist, but because of stigma and misinformation about what mental illness is.


Anyhow he went on to talk about his struggles. "I isolated myself from my family members," Knight said. "I isolated myself from my friends, and that's not something you should do. If this happens, you probably have a mental illness. Mental illness is serious. I hear voices in my head constantly, and I don't know where they come from. I just asked God for forgiveness for all the wrong I've done." The former player also admitted to denying help when people told him to seek it and spoke about how he felt "like there's no hope. 


  1. Be forgiving. Be encouraging. Be understanding.

  2. Young people should really pay attention. He said when he was younger he obeyed Gods moral code. But as he got older, he strayed away from these and sinned and lied and stole. The way of the transgressor is Hard. Instead of kicking against the prick, and fighting against the truth, God, Hus word, His people and His church, the bible says NOW is the acceptable time. The longer you put it off, accepting the Masters plan for your life, the likelihood you becoming depressed will grow.

  3. I've been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and PTSD since 2005. My family was very skeptical about me seeking professional help from a therapist; then the diagnosis got worse in 2014 and I've been on medication since. My family has seen my progress and are very happy. It hurt my family to see me cry uncontrollably, and missing church service weekly. I'm still on medication, but I attend prayer, Bible study, and worship service weekly. I thank God! I believe that I will overcome this illness!

  4. You don't medicate demons and evil spirits.
    You don't counsel demons and evils spirits.
    You cast them out.

    1. Let's see how YOU do when you encounter an illness, ANY ILLNESS OR PAIN, and let's see how quick you run to the doctor and get that prescription! Quit coming in social media being a hypocrite! Thank the good Lord for herbs AND medications to help us!

    2. Chance, you sound like you have a demon/spirit of ignorance. Let’s see you cast that thang out. IJS...

    3. Both your responses shows the ignorance and foolishness that you both operate in.
      My comment was in regards to demons and evils spirits.
      But as Jesus said lol don't cast your pearls before swine.
      I'll let you two figure that one out.


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