Do You Have To Be An Active Member Of A Church To Do Ministry??

Online congregation, I’m not sure what to make of this, I found it on my timeline. I know there is an order to stuff and I do believe in spiritual authority but do you have to be an active member of a church to do ministry or what God has called you to do? Is membership and attendance required to do whatever it is you are called to do? 


  1. Lol, is all I can say. I’m so very grateful and glad, that I have a real tangible relationship with God. I don’t need anyone telling me what Holy Spirit is saying. I do ministry when I’m grocery shopping, or shopping period. I see and meet people, and Holy Spirit guides me in what to say or how to minister to their particular need. That’s why the church isn’t growing now. They’re stuck on “assembling themselves.” But what are they doing outside those four walls? If I go one time out of the week, I’ve assembled myself. All these services or organizations that meet every night, that’s man made organization. To me, it’s to collect money. I bless those God leads me to bless. Not with money all the time. With clothes, coats, shoes, household necessities and food. Many people sitting right in the congregation that doesn’t have something as simple as toilet paper, toothpaste, paper towels and the list goes on. So, I allow Holy Spirit to speak and direct me to who I am to bless! That’s ministry!

  2. In my humble opinion, you DO NOT need to be a member of a local assembly to do ministry.

  3. Can someone explain to me his continued reference of "tribe"?? Is he one of those Hebrew Isrealites? I got a kick out of his exasperation? or enthusiasm? LOL

  4. This is a question the church has to answer thank you for raising it. As someone who is doing what I believe God has called me to share a ministry that encourages young adults & men . The barriers of getting in the door of churches without an official title of "Rev, Minister, Pastor" etc is unreal. Even after being vetted. The church should be the first place to encourage people whom are ready to come into the house and uplift others. It's hypocritical to tell the congregation every week you will be blessed, launch out after your dream and vision and not provide a place to practice or exercise the talent God has given you. I had a Pastor tell me he couldn't let me speak at their church because I was not in their "Network". I have broken through a few walls, but if you're not already a big name or a member of the particular sector of faith, you will run into a few brick walls, however continue to persevere if God is on your side , doors will open!

  5. You don’t need a license on the highway and hedges to minister to the lost. I tried to stay OUT of the four walls as much as I can. Nothing getting anything but traditions and the norm. Like I stated in a previous comment, God uses me outside the “church building” and bless who He tells me to bless. With a word of encouragement or tangible blessings.

  6. EVERYONE needs a head and being a member of a church with proper leadership provides that.
    The issue with people today is we do not want to be accountable to anyone. We feel like we are grown and God can speak to us directly WHICH HE DOES but the Bible also set the Word of God as foundation in the church which includes doctrine in regards to leadership.
    How can you want to be a leader and can't be led?
    I am a minister and when I am going to be late to church I yet call my Pastor to let him know.
    If I am not going to be in service I let my Pastor know as well.
    That's a called accountability.
    Can you have a ministry outside the church?
    Would I support a ministry outside the church that did not have leadership outside of him or herself?
    Absolutely not.
    God does things decent and in order.


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