Does Le'Andria Johnson Need To Move From Under The Label and Umbrella of Gospel Music??

All is seriously well with me and Le'Andria Johnson. Le'Andria have offered an apology to her fans and followers for her outspokenness this past weekend. I've posted in this space extensively about Le'Andria for many years....if you do a search (here and here) on this blog  you will find articles that go back years. I wrote the following in 2012 and I still stand by it today:

I honestly believe Le'Andria Johnson is somehow being held back and hurting her own music career in the long run, by being under the label and umbrella of Gospel music....Her latest single is proof of this....I believe she can execute with no problem and carry out fully her gift of voice if she would consider moving from under the gospel music label and umbrella. Just saying! She recognized her wrong and made it a right. Was she right for the way she handled and decided to go about it, no! But we as Christians act like we’ve never made mistakes and handled situations wrong. I’m not approving her situation but I’m also not knocking it. 


  1. In my opinion and being honest, there aint nothing to apologize for. but I'm sure, she's being made to, because of the industry, because of the church establishment, because of being owned, under contract. at any rate, let this be a lesson, for anyone, who is real, rare, and raw; God designed you that way, for a reason, but when you, make a deal, with the ��, man, u no longer have free will, and that, is also a gift, from God.

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    1. It is scary!! I'm praying for her , because this is Not the first time she has done this. She has some deep down hurt and personal issues. This video now is a totally different person, which is kind of scary. Her friends and peers need to help her seek help to talk to a licensed therapist. I'm saying this with love and not throwing stones. Everyone has been mad and hurt before, but once you put things in the atmosphere you can't just pull them back. We are seeing this all over social media and the consequences. The repercussions of speaking before thinking.

  3. MMPH, In my opinion the damage is already done here and there just might not be a recovery from this. For some reason this reminds me of Paula Deen and her 2,3, maybe 4, apologies, LOL!!! Once again, MOST OF US should NOT be on social media and many of us who are do not know and understand how to use the medium(s) to our advantage. Pity... I only wish the girl well. I really didn't know who she was before this incident and I find no compelling reason to learn who she is now.

  4. People of God do NOT have FANS!

  5. "Le'Andria Johnson" and "gospel music" are a PERFECT MATCH!

    They deserve one another!

  6. Scripted.
    She was made to apologize by the higher ups. She's still considered a commodity.
    Apology rings hollow.
    She meant what she said in the rant.
    She meant what she said on Periscope when she was drinking and cussing.
    Her displayed character makes her credibility as a gospel singer highly questionable.

    1. I am a church person, I am saved.
      Sis. Le'Andria, I forgive you and accept your apology.
      God is not shocked by how you feel or by what you said.
      Success to you in your walk with God and your career.
      It may take time to live it down, but it is possible as you walk
      with God and obey His word.

    2. What has she personally done to you that you forgive her? You are fake in your shade to suggest Christian's should not say anything against her wicked ways. I'm not buying it. You are not right.


    3. I forgive because that's what Jesus told us to do. She apologized, so I forgive and would forgive even if she hadn't apologized.

    4. Now step back, and act as though you have common sense to comprehend.

      I asked "What has she personally done to you that you forgive her?"

      I DID NOT ASK why did YOU forgive her?

      It's as simple as ABC.

      Wanna try answering the question again or do you want to remain being SHADY?

    5. I plead the blood!
      Matthew 6:14-15

      Maybe it is you that should take a step back and re-read what I posted.
      Reading Is Fundamental.
      I said I forgive her because she apologized to the Christian community.
      I was not offended, but I was a little shocked at her candor. I understand that she is hurt.
      Hurt people hurt people.
      She apologized and I forgive because that is what Christians do (70 x 7).
      I don't want unforgiveness on my record because I probably will need Jesus to forgive me as He has done many times before .

      You obviously have a grudge, or chip on your shoulder that doesn't involve me.
      God bless you.

    6. NOPE.

      Try again.

      You did not say in your original post "I said I forgive her because she apologized to the Christian community."

      YOU said "Sis. Le'Andria, I forgive you and accept your apology."

      Again for the THIRD time "What has she personally done to you that you forgive her?"

      You are full of pride, coming here puffed up like you are so "forgiving", when the woman did nothing to YOU.

      This is not a comprehension issue with you. This is all about understanding, which you LACK.

      "In all thy getting, get UNDERSTANDING!"

    7. WOW---I picture you towering over some small person spewing your verbal puke on them---Then I walk up and make you clean it all up while I am towering over you. I hope you are not one of these people that cause small children to run away instantly crying when you come in the room. BTW- I hope you are a preacher!

    8. No one has to explain to you why they forgive or receive forgiveness from another person. My UNDERSTANDING is you LACK the Spirit of GOD. Let your probation officer pray for you when you see him again, please be on time this time, CHILD!!

    9. You are HILARIOUS!

      Actually I got a chuckle out of your comment.

      But as far as you making me clean up, SORRY...It'll never happen.

      By The WAY, I am a PREACHER! I also have many grandbabies. They love their GRANDPA!

    10. To Anonymous - "Let your probation officer pray"

      Since you could not answer a Biblical question. let me see if you can ask you a personal one.

      Are you on CRACK?

  7. What is enlightening about her, or a RED FLAG that something is seriously wrong with her, is that in previous videos she has stated that she is so tired, so tired. Her fame had blown up so quickly and as we often see, many 'stars' can't handle it. She has a lot of issues and maybe these outbursts are a call for help. Who is HER pastor? Who are her spiritual bodies in Christ? Her eyes look strange and her quick hand signals looked like the satanic signs. That gospel industry is just as satanic. She might need to leave it to save herself.

    1. After viewing this video, I understand why she feels the way she does. BUT, I don’t support the vulgarity she’s using. I asked the same exact question as to why all the meetings, conferences and seminars? Every year like clockwork, they are attended, same thing from the previous year. I also asked a pastor once, “why don’t y’all combine all the meetings into one week of meetings?” I was told because people money would be messed up. They would have to divide the money bag, to many ways. Are you serious? That’s what they are about folks, the Benjamin’s! Soul winning has been cast out the church! Deliverance is a thing of the past! Healing? What is that? The Word of God says, these signs shall follow them that believe! In my Name they shall cast out devils, in His Name, the sick will be healed, deliverance will take place. Where are the signs people? We’re in the great falling away! Some eyes are wide shut! When truth comes, it’s rejected! That’s what going to set you church folks free, is the truth of God’s Word, not traditions or doctrine! Y’all better seek for the filling of the Holy Spirit. He’s the One that gives you understanding of the Word of God! That’s what is wrong with many, they only listen to their pastor, their apostle, their bishop, their archbishop. Get out of here with all those titles! Until you humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, you’ll always exalt yourself! I’ve experienced hurt from church folks like the world has never done. But I keep going, but I get in His Word and I pray and ask God to give me understanding! Some of you are reading but there’s no understanding. We are in the last days. We’re living in perilous times, and like she said, many of the “gospel artists” are doing just what she does, but they hide to keep y’all hooked on buying and downloading their music. Anytime Marvin Sapp would take his child to Jay Z and Beyoncé concert, then confess he got or almost got a contact from the weed being smoked, I lost all respect for him. Bishop?!!!! How can you go let alone take your child? What she’s about to reveal, I pray for protection for her! Y’all ain’t seen or heard anything yet!

  8. Janice Houston - I stand in agreement with what you said. Let’s keep her and each other in prayer!


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