Church Sues Ex-Pastor For Trespassing On Premises!

Some of these churches be doing to much. Bethlehem Temple Church of God In Christ is suing a former pastor for allegedly trespassing on its premises, recent Harris County District Court records show. A lawsuit filed on July 24 in the Harris County 270th District Court claims that Darrell Brooks entered the house of worship located at 8622 Lockwood Dr. earlier this month “with a malicious intention to disrupt (a) worship service that was in progress.”
 The suit says that the plaintiff’s board of trustees recently voted unanimously to oust Brooks prior to the subject incident. “The plaintiff advised the defendant that he may no longer occupy the pulpit to conduct services of any nature within the confines of Bethlehem Temple Church of God In Christ,” court papers state. Brooks was reportedly accompanied by three men, including his co-defendant Dalton Roberts, when he went to the church. Consequently, the plaintiff requests a temporary restraining order and injunction. Harris County 270th District Court Case No. 2018-49029


  1. What in the name of pimp outfits is he wearing?

  2. Lol!!!!Thanks for the good laugh, I was thinking the same thing!!! ������

  3. Wow!

    This church was being "accountable" here, where many question about "accountability", and the only response is to talk about the man's wardrobe?

    1. Your right.

      In this day and age where so many pastors get away with everything under the sun while the church just turns a blind eye to his transgressions.

      We should be giving support for a church congregation that’s willing to hold the pastors feet to the fire and actually following through with reprimanding their lead pastor when necessary.

      If more churches held their pastors accountable for their actions, there would be less pimping from the pulpit, and more TRUE facilitators of the gospel.

      AND for a bonus,
      We can still make fun of the former pastors 1970’s, Playboy smoking jacket look.

    2. We got it the first time your thoughts about his wardrobe.


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