Adultery In The Church, Kansas City Church Elder's Secret Gay Lover Tells All In Court!

Y 'all remember this story I reported on early( You Can Read It Here )in the year were the associate pastor at a Kansas City Church was found dead in a field by her then husband, an elder at the same church? Well the case is back in the news after the explosive testimony of the alleged gay lover.

Check out the video below, WARNING extremely strong language:


  1. I been following this story for some time now, especially on King Jives Show. ��

    1. Well, there you have it! What’s left to say? Your sin will find you out!

  2. If He Was Going To Do Wrong, He Should Have Done It Right With A Woman. I'm Not Condoning Sin. Nothing Covered Or Hidden Is Going To Stay That Way. Shalom

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  4. You may not like the way he said it.... and for sure he's not innocent. The Elder was married. However..... Sad. All of it. DL'n in the church. Be authentic. Everything that young man said.... I believe it.

  5. SO why did he kill his wife?

    1. I don't know. Was it so he can marry his gay lover? Was it to collect the insurance money?

  6. The sad part about this is she KNEW this man was gay. You can LOOK at him and tell this. If she claim to have the Holy Ghost He didn't reveal this to you?
    Some women have become so desperate for men they marry anything.
    Can homosexual men be delivered?
    Yes, they can.
    But these women SHOULD NOT even date these men until they have completed that part of their deliverance.
    I know of so many men (I was once in that lifestyle myself) who thought marrying a woman would deliver them OR they were told to marry a woman to be delivered.
    That is FALSE and never works.
    It actually causes more harm.
    I know a man who said that his pastor (a female mind you) told him that marriage will deliver him.
    He married that woman and destroyed her life.
    He is now married to a man and they are "pastors."
    Deliverance is needed BEFORE marriage.


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