A New Fissure in the Evangelical Movement!

About 50 prominent evangelicals are attending an invitation-only gathering this week at Wheaton College to discuss the future of evangelicalism—more specifically, the condition of the movement and the divide that resulted from the election of President Donald Trump. The gathering was organized by Doug Birdsall, honorary chair of Lausanne, an international movement of evangelicals. Other attendees named in press accounts include pastors Tim Keller, A.R. Bernard and Bishop Claude Alexander, Dallas Theological Seminary professor Darrell Bock, World Relief vice president Jenny Yang, Wheaton College’s Ed Stetzer, Fuller Seminary President Mark Labberton, Jo Anne Lyon of the Wesleyan Church, Harold Smith of Christianity Today and Gabriel Salguero of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition.( You Can You Read About It Here)


  1. That is the problem with the church. They won't meet to discuss, bible. They will meet to discuss the GOP and the constitution

  2. The church should not be getting involved in politics in this way.
    This is a danger to the church.

    1. Or, a danger to government and freedoms. This is nothing new. Religion has always looked to usurp and/control government. Thus the importance of maintaining the separation of the Church and the State. What destroyed Rome? Answer: Christianity. What is currently destroying Iran from within? Answer: Religion.

      Now, my comment isn't a slight against religion. But, the facts are the facts. The kids of today have a great saying that I like and of which I think that many of these religious leaders should pay attention to; "Stay in your lane".

    2. Religion has NEVER wanted to usurp authority. If we read and study the Bible correctly we will see that e are told to obey leadership and government as long as it does not place us at odds with our beliefs.
      The issue is the government wants to dictate to Christians how they should act, be or do and that is not going to happen to those believers who are true believers.
      If we notice NO OTHER RELIGION is told to change their beliefs but Christians.


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