A Conference For Gay Christians Has Sparked Controversy!!

Good morning online congregation, a conference for gay Christians has sparked a debate among many evangelicals: is same-sex attraction in itself a sin? Or is only acting on that attraction the sin? 

I would say attraction is not a sin. We are all tempted to sin in some kind of way, and we can't really help who we are attracted to or what temptations befall us. For some it is the temptation to overeat, over indulge in alcohol causing drunkenness, over use drugs developing an addiction, gossip, lie, be habitually lazy, and many many other things. In my opinion, the action is the sin. Whether the act of indulging in these acts in fantasy or in reality. They should abstain they same way we all should abstain from whatever sins we are individually tempted by.

( You Can Read It Here )


  1. I know ONE THING The LORD said -

    "Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery: But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart."

    So I am as a straight man supposed to believe if I lust after a women and my hweart becomes defiles, it's OKAY for an unnatural act of lust via same sex attraction is OK as long as it's not acted upon?

    1. I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me how same sex marriage does harm to another person. Think about almost any sin mentioned in New Testament and it will be harmful to self or others. From my experience with same sex couples, I see nothing but good out of it.

    2. Doesn't matter what you see IN THEM. Matters what GOD says ABOUT THEM!

  2. A Conference for gay Christians. Pause......Let's just look at that first. smh. Straight out the block it needs to be a conference about deliverance. This conference is ridiculous in itself.

  3. Anyone who is heterosexual is attracted to people of the opposite sex. We don't say hetero folks are living in sin, because we seem to understand a difference between attraction and lust. But for those attracted to the same sex, we seem to think lust has to be involved. Unless we think all single adults are burning with temptation, maybe we need to cool it with the condemnation.

  4. Here we go with the big sin - little sin. So, I guess that an adultery, a obese person, a drunk, or those who live a lifestyle of fornication should not attend any conferences, gospel concerts or church. Hearing the word of God could have the power to change someone's heart.

    1. All of us sin. Paul calls himself the chiefest of sinners. Yet he spoke out against men and women leaving the natural use of their bodies.

      You are a sinner too. By your logic and strawman arguement, you need not talk about anyone cherry picking one sin over another.

      You really sound silly to the point of foolish.

      Homosexuality is an abomination. Anyone who call it such is in alignment with what the LORD says.

    2. You just proved the point, FOOL. Anonymous stated sin is sin which you agreed to in your beginning statement. But being gay is held to a higher degree of sin by your standards. Secondly, you are attempting to be so holy in your response but you're name calling. Now who sounds foolish..hypocrite?

    3. I could care less YOUR NAME CALLING, especially after YOU LIED saying I called YOU a name. I never called ANYONE a fool or anything of the sorts. I say the INDIVIDUAL sounded silly and foolish. Know the difference between the two. I never agreed NOTHING “sin is sin” I said we are all sinner. Note the difference there as well.

      And one more thing NUMB NUMB ( I did call you a name here INTENTIONALLY)… The topic here is about “homosexuality”, and anyone with an ounce of sense would respond accordingly to the TOPIC at hand, this sin as an abomination, JUST as the LORD says it is. So to come here to imply folks are holding “gaydom” to a higher degree of sin by your standards is UTTERLY STUPID!

      Like I’ve mentioned before, this is a BLOG and people here for the most part comment, respond and reply appropriately. Again, if Ms. Ann make posts about obesity, adultery, a drunk, most people will respond as the Bible speaks on these issues.

  5. We (Christians) have allowed them (LGBTQP) community to steal our Rainbow Sign, our Love Theme, and now they want us to continue laying down while they steal the Church... These individuals are not original's but imposters, thieves, liars, and imitators. And as the Word of God states "their affection towards same-sex is unnatural and perverted."

    Homosexuality carries a double negative as a sin- PRIDEFUL REBELLION! These people know what they're doing is wrong BUT as with the Enemy there's no remorse or repentance regarding their disobedience. Remember the Enemy was created to worship and reverence God the Most High but he (the Enemy) wanted to usurp God's power and authority and raise himself above God the Most High...

    Same thing but a different day- these people want to tell the Creator who they want to be instead of walking in humility and obedience and blessing their Creator- Their desire is to raise their little thrones above God the Most High and follow their PRIDEFUL REBELLION!

    1. AMEN. Great discernment to note the other abomination(s) associated with this sin.

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  7. First, there is no such thing as a "gay Christian."
    Let's put that to rest.
    Next, attraction is not lust. I wish people would seriously and earnestly LEARN words (etymology) before we go off spouting religious foolishness.
    Next, we will NEVER as a church body have men and women delivered from this if we continue speaking against homosexuality with bias, disgust and ignorance. We don't seem to speak with the same bias, disgust and ignorance against fornication, adultery and divorce (which is almost at 50% in the church) and masturbation. We do know hypocrisy can send you to hell just as homosexuality? It's in the Book.
    Next, homosexuality is not the ONLY SIN that can lead to rebellion. You have whole church leaders in the church with wives and girlfriends, outside children and just as bold to proclaim their salvation. Is that not rebellion? Isn't that prideful? You have men and women in the church who BOLDLY walk in their sin and preach about it and call it "transperancy." But homosexual are the only one who are in "prideful rebellion?"
    Let's AGAIN study the Word of God as we should NOT IN BIAS AND IGNORANCE and get a clear understanding of scripture.
    Lastly, the Word of God says that with lovingkindness has He drawn us. What should we be giving to others? The same grace, mercy and love that God gives to us- the same grace, mercy and love when we were in our sin.
    Some of you who call yourselves "saved" I wouldn't let you pray over my dog let alone me. You are mean, hateful and full of pride and self-righteousness but you have the audacity to look down on someone who you feel is less than you.
    Show me scripture that says that this attitude is correct?
    I'll wait on that.

    1. So gay people who believe in Jesus Christ aren't Christians? You church folks kill me lol. You folks don't have a heaven to invite anyone into or put anyone out of.

    2. This Chance dude is very defensive.

    3. I agree. He talks about showing love and grace in one breath, and saying in another breath he would not have some here pray for his dog. Nice nasty!

    4. To say you are a Christian means you are or rather striving to be Christ-like.
      Show me where homosexuality is part of the characteristics of Jesus?
      I'll be happy to go over that scripture for you.
      That is IF you are able to locate one.

    5. I'm not defensive at all.
      But instead of trying to attack me how about we get back into the subject of this story that has been posted?
      At the bottom of this screen it always says, "Stay On Topic..."
      I'm not the topic.
      So, let's get back to the subject at hand.


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