Unbelievable, Catholic Church Priest Calls Police On Black Funeral Goers!?!?

This here is a prime example why you don’t worship man and ceremonial rituals and relics. This Catholic Church is a doggone shame and the pastor needs to be removed. This woman of God served the Lord, she and her family and friends deserve much more respect from this clown pastor/priest or whatever he is. 

The priest is expected to make a formal apology to the family??!!! Only because he has to, he's being told to by the Archdiocese. He should not be able to continue serving as a priest anywhere!! He has no self-control, no empathy, no forgiveness and shows no love to others. If he acted this way at a funeral, he's done it before. This was not a unique situation for him I bet. 



  1. I think that. 99% of these Catholic priest aren't saved anyway.

  2. Just disgusting! That priest was 100% racist and simply did not want that black family there in the first place. But we should all know by now that the catholic church is an abomination of Christ! Idol worship and their other stupidity aside, any “faith” that condones and or knowingly covers up the abuse of children by its leaders is an immoral institution that should NEVER be trusted at ANY time!!!!!! This family should consult a lawyer and sue for the inconvenience of having to relocate the services and for pain and suffering.


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