Pastor John Pavlovitz Said If Your Church is Silent This Week—You May Want to Leave it!

Reader this is a doggone good read from Pastor John Pavlovitz.  The events that are taking place at the Border is an atrocity . I believe it is yet another event that is exposing the heart condition of the Church. The heart beat is no longer synchronized  with the Heart of God, the beat is off and we need to address it. 

Once again thank you Pastor John. 


  1. He can't tell the PASTOR in their own CONGREGATION what to preach and when. Who does this man think he is?

    1. Why? This man is the face of true Christianity. But who'll listen...

    2. No one should listen to this man.

  2. It's time for the church to get out of the building and be the church. That is part of the reason we're in the shape we're in. Where is the church with all the school shootings, where was the church when they took prayer and the 10 commandments out of the schools, where is the church when babies are being stripped away from their parents at the borders? The church is not about one race, it's about human beings,no matter their race, creed or color. The church can get out there if someone is shot by a white cop, but what about when babies, or toddlers or little children are being taken down or young adults who have done nothing wrong? Where is the church, be it a black, white, hispanic, Korean, or whatever, the church is not where it should be.

    1. YOU keep on making up YOUR own story. Christ said "upon this Rock I build my church". That Rock is JESUS. He is the ONE! That Rock is Jesus. The Only ONE! Be Sure. Be very sure. YOUR anchor hold. And Grip the SOLID ROCK. Peter (meaning ROCK) preached about that ROCK. And because he preached to the Crowd they were sinners and Jesus was crucified and rose again, many were convicted in their hearts and believed. 3000 were added to the church. Charis gave us the great commission. Peter and Paul took charge to what Christ commanded.

      You aren't even a part of any church. What gives you the right to tell the church what they should do?


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