Members Of America's Largest Black Christian Faith Denomination Conclude Week Of Activities In Oklahoma City!!

Today concludes the nation's largest black denomination 113th annual Congress of Christian Education in Oklahoma City. The group converged this past Sunday on the downtown area with cars, church vans and charter buses full of members eager for a week of educational classes, worship services and other activities. The National Baptist Convention USA kicked off its annual conference with an opening worship service at the Cox Convention center and the faith organization's leaders held a news conference on Monday, where the President of National Baptist Convention, Dr. Jerry Young addresses the masses on the immigration/ human rights crisis in America today.


  1. I used to be a part of a church that held all kinds of musicals. My personal experience is that it's all about entertainment. I be pump up going because in my mind, it was CHURCH and you can't go wrong doing church. Some of the singers were gifted. I could tell there were other singers who were there to perform just to get the audience excited. In the end, I really was not fed. Just there to see some of my church associates as I got a chance to mingle with them. THAT"S IT!

    1. That’s all it is now, entertainment! No lives changed, no healing, no deliverance! But a generous offering is always in order. I am of the belief, that’s why some churches hold so many services during the week, so they take up offerings every time. And yet lives are not changing. Without the anointing, no changes takes place. Otherwise, entertaining as some can be, many leave church feeling more hopeless, than they did before going.


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