Church Announcement: The Balance Retreat!

Reader if you need some balance in your life, then come be apart of this amazing retreat to fortify you with group therapy, financial planning, intercession, importation and relaxation. 
What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. 


  1. Waiting on the comments to begin. This should be good. Lol only one person missing. The "Profit" from Florida.

  2. I don’t know the history or ministry of most of the people featured in the photo.

    And I can SORT OF side step Marvin Sapp and his CHURCH FRANCHISE.

    But if ANY of the people featured want to be taken seriously, with integrity and trusted that they live the same life they preach about,

    Then they CANNOT HAVE JAMAL BRYANT in the conversation AT ALL!!!

    He has LONG been disqualified to lead anything regarding church matters.

    Also, can he even travel to Vegas? Isn’t he on probation from one (cause he had a few) of his child support cases?

    When pastors link their name to Jamal, your ability to discern and judge people has GOT TO BE IN QUESTION.

    1. JB isn’t the only one with child support issues. Someone else on that flyer is married, with a child outside of his marriage. Check it out on Gwinnett County case search.

  3. Someone explain to me what exactly is "balance".

    1. ....and what exactly are they going to be imparting?

    2. ...and MS? I was threw with him when he took his child to JZ and Beyoncé concert. He said he got a “contact” from all the marijuana the folks were smoking. I wouldn’t step foot out my back door to see most the these entertainer.

  4. While Im not sure (and have not looked it up) what this conference is all about, I will say if these preachers arent solely preaching biblical principles i.e. preparing yourself and your neighbor for the coming of the Lord, keeping the doctrine of Christianity pure such as literally heaven and hell, marriage between man and woman, how to live in the world and still stay separate and consecrated all the while winning souls and how to NOT be entangled with this world, I dont want to hear it.

    Jesus is coming back and He might just come back for YOU today dear friend (through death). I hope your "balance retreat" helps you to make it in.


  5. They are spending all this money for all these conferences when all they have to do is submit to God, read, and study their Word, submit to God-led leadership and live right.
    You paying all this money flying here and there when the Word has already given you the formula for a successful Christian life?
    You know why?!
    They don't want that.
    What they want is someone who will rub their back and pat them on the head and tell them, "It's alright what you thinking and feeling. God yet loves you. You do you."
    Yep, believe that mess if you want to.
    The only "balance retreat" you need is a life of fasting.
    Stop trying to play with God's emotions.
    It won't end well.


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