Bishop Neal Ellis Appoints New Executive Pastor For New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

Reader help me extend warm CONGRATULATIONS to the newly named Executive Pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church; Pastor Dr. Carla Stokes. Bishop Neal Ellis preached yesterday service and appointed New Executive Pastor for New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. 


  1. YESSSSS. I'm quite sure as a pastor/teacher, she'll teach the unadulterated truth the meaning of I Timothy 2:12-15.

  2. Baptist churches go through this insane process. Someone posted online that while some want Edward Long they were going to test out Ellis and Charles (this means war ). I guess they had it right....Congrats to the Executive Pastor..

  3. You know, I come out of the "1,2,3 we coming out" movement and prefer preachers that preach with more substance. I didnt listen to the whole sermon but I will say I get very exhausted with church theatrics (lights flashing, music rumbling, people high fiving each other every 5 seconds, random walking to the altar to give money). I feel the black church deserves better than all of that.

    Perhaps New Birth needs to teach Christianity 101 all over again before electing a new Pastor....get some solid food into these starving souls...I dunno....but Im exhausted with following the latest thats happening in this church.....just sayin......

    1. AMEN...YOU are 100 percent on the MONEY.

      So much in the Bible that can teach to sanctify all of us. The Bible is our Roadmap for living. Unfortunately you have many who get into the ministry for not the purpose God intended. I pray the LORD will set you in a STRONG Bible Believing / preaching church so you can be fed to FEED Others.

  4. So they appointed a woman...?!
    That is where I would have ended my membership.


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