Should School Teachers Be Armed??

Reader what you think about the above post which was written and posted on social media  by a college professor?  I kind of agree with the post. A small town next to were I live last year called a special investigation to do a report on the fact that African American children were being discipline more then whites ,some instant where white and black both in trouble ,blacks were called on the carpet way more while whites were told to go sit down. Therefore, this will/can be a danger ,because there are racist teacher ,last year my neighbors little boy was called the N word, he told the teacher ,and said the teacher roll her eyes and told him go sit down ,they went to the school on her.

( You Can Read It Here) 


  1. Can't you just see it now, some little bad !@# bully child wont listen and gets on the teacher last nerve........ BAM !!!!
    the kid's shot.


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