Jesus Take The Wheel:Transgender Teen Mack Beggs Wins Texas Girls Wrestling Title for Second Year in a Row!

Reader, the image above is 2 Time High School State Champion wrestler, Mack Beggs. This story has been making wavelengths for the last two years as Beggs wrestled against girls even though she thinks of herself as a boy. While that alone would not typically make for many headlines, the fact that she has continued to wrestle girls while using testosterone therapy has. Beggs has been open that she wishes to compete against boys, but Texas’ University of Interscholastic League rules require athletes to compete under the gender on their birth certificate.

What do you believe would have been the best solution to this problem? 
-Continue to compete against girls while on testosterone -Make her quit taking the testosterone, or not compete -Make her compete against boys 
Whatever your answer, this young lady is in desperate need of prayer.

(Thanks, Good Fight Ministries)


  1. Yeah, go ahead let her wrestle boys and let one of these 'real manly' boys do the same to her as she is doing to her opponent in this picture. By the way, WALGREENS recently added to their company policy that their store restrooms will now be transgender friendly. Warn your children and grandchildren!

  2. Steroids are steroids. If a PRO athlete (say Barry Bonds) gets them from his doctor, does that make them legal? Sure... he is not in jail for cheating, but he is not going to the Hall of Fame either. Why have rules if only some have to follow them?

  3. She should either not be allowed to participate or go against other trans students.


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