The Metoo Train Has Just Stop At A Well Know Dallas/Ft.Worth Gospel Singer Pastor Darrell Maurice Yance Door Step, He's Being Accused Of Sexually Abusing Young Girls That Were Under His Ministry.

Reader I see we starting out 2018 right! Somebody has exposed well known Dallas/Ft. Worth gospel singer pastor Darrell Maurice Yancey. Pastor Darrell Yancey is being accused of sexually abusing young girls that were under his ministry. There is proof and DNA test of children that he had with under age teens.

So sad! No wonder faith in church and church leadership has been lost. Rape, or molestation should never be swept under the rug. Taking someone's innocence is not acceptable. It's no wonder a lot of these churches has lost all power. I hope this young lady finds peace.

Update:  January 7, 2018 one of the victims Cece Nicole Facebook live.  


  1. Ms. Ann it was reported that he also impregnated his own daughter and gave her std's. These pedophiles are extra sick.

    1. That's a damn lie. If you dont know the facts shut up

    2. I'm his son and it's definitely the truth

  2. This is very sad, indeed. I fear more pastors and gospel singers will be exposed in 2018. No longer can these people sweep their behavior under the rug. I urge every pastor and artists to live their lives above reproach. If they choose to ignore the Bible, they should sit themselves down permanently. No more victims of sexual abuse


  3. God needto exposed them living a lie .Preaching a lie. I feel.sorry for the Young Lady.

    But Preacher,Bishop. Supts try and play on two type of Women.
    No Hare
    1. Ladies that think they are pretty and find.

    Always in man of God Face

    And weakminded Women, quitewomen, ugly women.
    Those are the ones that Highminsed Men think will not talk.
    At my Church, I left, my Paator said Missionary I need to speak to
    Some of the Brothees sont feel comfortable with shaking your hand. I was floored. I said,I dont see anyone in here. I want to talk to,myself. So I stop speaking to all.
    of them. mind you its just afaithful few.I come to Church to fellowship, not looking for nothing but the word of God. So one Brothee asked me why I stop speaking. I told.him snd another one heard me. Both said Sister it isnot tou it him .He need to be Save. I new exactly who he was I never ever look at him.. but would say you brought the word today.

    So I am glad you called him out, so many more need to take several seats. Jesus is asking Gos to have mercy,But God is tired of our wick ways.

    Missionary wirh Boy\Men Friends
    Preachwe getting up Preaching serving all the Old and Young Fool.I remember and one District Meeting, on Preachee or over 30 🎁 gift why because his wife had passed. And they all wanted him.

    My Father was a Preacher
    My Brother is a Preacher
    Train up a child. My mom train us up stay out of GrownMan face. I grew up and told my daughters the same. But,I didnt trust anyone with my Children. My granddaughter is now 13, 14, 17 noone is calling them inany office
    Be Bless
    Be mindful
    Be Strong
    Be Smart
    Most of Be not a Fool

  4. Trying to tarnish a good black man smh. Nobody has no DNA facts that he got anyone pregnant that's a lie. People shouldn't assume everything they read on Facebook is true, makes you look like an idiot


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