Happy Birthday Pastor Shirley Caesar!

Reader will you please join me in wishing a happy birthday to the queen of Gospel Music Pastor Shirley Caesar.  Her music down through the years has been such a blessing for so many for a very long time. Pastor Shirley keep on letting the Lord use you in a mighty big way God bless you and your family always.

Ann Brock


  1. She reigns supreme. always a classy lady unlike some of this newer generation of singers (gospel).

    Happy born day, many more to her.

    1. Amen. And notice the queen has her crown.

      "...that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

      That's IT!

      NOTHING else!


    2. A Proverbs 31 woman! A noblewoman!

    3. @ anonymous,

      I am curious at to how Ms. Caesar is a Proverbs 31 woman.

      If it's no trouble at all provide as verse by verse description.

    4. Shepherd,

      She can't, thus she won't.

    5. It's rumored Shirley is a lesbian.

    6. Internet Preacher.Saturday, 14 October, 2017

      It’s also rumored that you know from experience.

  2. Sad how she has gone for the world's fame and recognition. To me, she is just a paid act.

    1. Pastor Caesar has been ministering with excellence and dignity for decades. She hasn't gone after the world's fame. Her gift was recognized and has brought her before great men. Kudos Shirley Caesar.

    2. No need to come here with your rhetoric to sound good and biblical and offer your faux praise unto your sacred cow. You said she's been ministering with excellence. Tell me one person you know who was truly saved under her "ministry" to support your claim about her. And about dignity, you must have forgot her recent antics, her buffoonery on Wendy Williams show showcasing he DUMB SONG and admitted she did it for CASH $$$. Or how about her old self at the GRAMMYs showcasing her bosoms, so tight up top, if you touch them they would POP RIGHT OUT. Some dignity alright.


    3. "Tell me one person you know who was truly saved under their ministry."

      I been waiting almost a YEAR to hear who has gotten saved under Mary van whatsherface and that man with an eye patch you were gushing about.
      YET, you in your JESTERY mock my online sermons?!

      I'll wait...? How many have your icons gotten saved? Frankly, YOU don't know!!

      --go blog on Stormfront House Negro--

    4. Look UPPITY. You are showing yourself to be a little unstable, and really appear not to be intelligent at all. Your logic for argument is juvenile.

      I never said anything about the lady whose song I suggested as a spiritual song. I only mentioned her song as as example.

      These folks rant and rave their rhetoric OLE GIRL SHIPLEY, she's a minister, an evangelist, a bishop, da..da..da....da... And I question them on that.

      If Shirley is that GREAT AS THEY SAID, surley she would have ONE person to the LORD. I asked them to name ONE.

      Problem is they can't, cause Shirley teaches a gospel message that is not pure. She sings to get people excited hit ditty "SHOUTING JOHN" And black folks get moved by her storytelling. THAT'S not the GOSPEL my friend.

      You really need to get saved and ask GOD to make you and mold you in His wisdom so you can mature in HIM.

      ALL this silliness you calling folks house Negro, UPPITY, uncle Tom, coon is clear evidence you have some issues. Cut it out UPPITY. CAUSE as God is my witness, I could care less what you call me. NONE THE LEAST!!!

      FOR I Know who I am and WHOSE I am.



    5. AY!! That reference to Shout'n' John sounds like Jeremiah, a prophet in the Bible! He said his message was like fire shut up in his bones! Let me show the lyrics...A CLASSIC! AY! I feel like PREACHING. O let me sit...

      �� I just want to take time
      To tell you
      A story
      About a man called SHOUT'N' John
      John joined a dead church
      They didn't believe in shout'n'
      They did't believe in dancin' and speakin' in tongues
      But when they opened the doors of the church
      John joined that church
      And when John joined that church
      He came in dancin'
      Everybody, everybody got disturbed
      Because John was dancin' all around the church
      The deacons ran and sat him down
      He jumped back up
      They tried to hold his legs
      His hands would go
      When they turn the hands aloose
      The feet were goin'
      It's just like fire!
      It's just like fire!
      Shut up in the bone
      They did everything they could to stop ol' John from shout'n'
      And when they couldn't finally stop him
      They made up their mind
      "We got to go out to John's house y'all
      For something is wrong with him
      Doesn't he know
      We don't act like that in our church
      Doesn't John know
      We've got dignitaries in our church
      We're goin'
      We're goin'!
      We goin' to John's house"
      When they got out there
      They found this ol' 86 year ol' man
      Him and a ol' beat up mule
      In the fiel'
      They drove up, all of the deacons
      They got out of their fine cars
      They walked over to John
      John looked around and said
      "Whoa, mule!"
      Walked over to 'em and said
      "Brother, I know why you've come out here
      You've come out here to tell me that I praise the Lord too much
      You've come out here to tell me that I dance too much"
      One of the deacons tol' him
      "If you don't stop shoutin'
      If you don't stop dancin'
      We gon' put you outta our church
      Somebody say yeah
      Say yeah
      We are gonna entertain for it, yeah yeah
      John said to them
      "Well, put me out!
      I can't hold my peace
      Did you se all of that land you just drove up on?"
      He said
      "God gave me all that land
      But you don't want me to dance in your church"
      "Look at my sons and my daughters!"
      "God gave me all of my children...!!"

      There was more but I don't want to over do it.

    6. This song implies that a church is dead, unless there is shouting, dancin' and speakin' in tongues.

      For examples of the condition of churches, Read Rev. 2 and 3. You will find nothing a church is a live church because there is shouting, dancin' and speakin' in tongues.

      We, who are the church, are made alive in Christ, one simple verse.

      "For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive." 1 Corinthians 15:22

      Do me a favor and go back and Read the Book of Jeremiah. See if you can tie the right meaning to Chapter 20:9.

      Read the Book of Acts as well. Pay attention the spreading of the Gospel and how sinners believed as the Apostles preached.

      This song IS HORRIBLE!!! It's not even TRUE!!!


  3. A female bishop - A woman in rebellion. A black gospel entertainer who sings the ditty and the blues. (Hog maws..YOUNAMEIT!)

  4. Is it possible to wish a person happy birthday without reckless vitriol?

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Sure it's possible. I do it all the time. Not SHIRLEY here though. Ya think she gonna reach back here on this Here LIL BLOG to say thank You?

  5. Happy birthday and God bless you Pastor Shirley Ceasar! What an amazing, God-ordained life you've had!
    From the Caravans, to a solo artist, minister of the gospel, evangelist then pastor, movies and collaborations with most in the gospel industry and others. After a long hiatus, your song You Name It went worldwide last year, just in time for Thanksgiving!! Most of the late night shows played it. I loved the remix!! What a life you've lived!! Always representing Christ in a beautiful, feminine, holy way!! Pastor Shirley, I know you ain't stut'n about no haters!! You wouldn't have gone as far as you have if you did. Naw, you ain't stut'n them, you just keep on stepping!! Happy birthday and step on Pastor Shirley Ceasar!!


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