Christian Rap And Hip-hop Artists Lecrae And Andy Mineo Kept A transgender From Committing Suicide!??!?!

Reader I really don't understand why this incident is news worthy. Christian rap and hip-hop artists Lecrae and Andy Mineo were recently instrumental in preventing a transgender individual from committing suicide. CBN News is reporting that Lecrae and Mineo were driving from Manhattan to the Bronx, and as they were crossing the bridge, they noticed a person getting ready to jump off. They quickly pulled their vehicle over and got out, ready to offer help. "She starts to climb over the guardrail to jump," Mineo explained in a Facebook video.

“Lecrae reaches his long seven-foot arms and grabs her and says 'no,' and pulls her back and I start grabbing her.” The transgender woman then said something that really affected Lecrae and Mineo: “I just want to go home. I just want to be with Jesus. I don't want to live anymore," Mineo says she said. The two Christian artists called the police, and while the police were on their way, they comforted the woman and encouraged her that God loved her.


  1. Just to be clear, you dont understand why it "is" or why it "isnt MORE" newsworthy?

    1. CNN made this newsworthy (or more newsworthy, whatever you want to call it) to push their transgender sensitivity propaganda. They subtly promote the idea that Christians (using a fake Christian rapper) should be loving towards transgenders, who are just as much Christians as they are.

      This is not that hard to read. CNN is owned by Satanists who come in light to cast out darkness and evil against God and the Bible. They will never do a story of a transgender whose life was changed because of the power the Gospel had on his / her lives. There are many stories like that out there CNN.

    2. The reason for me stating it's not "newsworthy" is in them mentioning that the person rescued was transgender......why even bring that up?

    3. You already know why Ms. ANN. That's all hype for acceptance. People are being rescued from suicide everyday, yet you never hear a peep from CNN. CNN tactically choose the right people (Christian, gay and transgender) to highlight their "story". The devil is busy MS.ANN...

    4. Hi, please review Ravi Zacharias's online sex scandal and the legal problems arising in federal court.

      Also, please google Ravi Zacharias Credentials to see his massive credential fraud. No Dr., no visiting scholar at Cambridge, no official lecturer at Oxford or chair of a "department" at Alliance. A total fraud. All documented, and Ravi refuses to issue a formal and public response. Sad!

    5. Sorry, that went to the wrong thread. Apologies for interrupting this beautify story. I hope the woman has a long and happy life here on earth.

  2. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! You go Anonymous (CNN)! That's what I call Discernment...IN YO' FACE, CNN...LOL! That's what I like to see happen...the devil's tactics brought too NOTHING! This fake Christian, Lecrae, is nothing more than someone who is still caught up in the World. I am about to be 58 years old and I realize I am not in his generation, BUT, I wouldn't listen to that so-called Christian RAP mess (supposedly trying to make a statement...well, PREACHING the Gospel is making a statement) if someone gave me a "free" ticket to go listen. AND, I would not promote him to this younger generation. Only Jesus! In Christ Alone, RLR.

  3. Finally,I'm so glad CNN has been called out for who they are. Christians are often so gullible and easily influenced by their feelings and the majority voice. CNN is an enemy against anything and anybody that stands for "right." You shall know them by their fruits...

  4. Well Steve (glad you commented), BUT, I think you're confused. You mean "HE" RIGHT? Just check the DNA of this person and you will find a male "chromosome". God "DOES NOT" make mistakes Because HE created Male and female...People are the ones that are confused...Read your Bible if you have one. "HIS" life was saved, however, "HE" needs some mental help. God has an order for HIS creation and it will NEVER change....PERIOD! In Christ Alone, RLR.

  5. Wait for it......
    FAKE NEWS!!!
    Fabricated, planted, agenda laden news.


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