So There Is No Other Man Worthy To Lead The Potter house Of Denver Church But Bishop Jake's Son-in-law Toure Roberts? Interesting!

Reader, according to "Church Folks Revolution" brother Leonard the truth seeker, while Chris Hill was gobbling in Dallas Texas last weekend, Bishop Jakes and his son-in-law Touré Roberts was playing the game of diversion. 

At the same time Chris Hill was snotting and hugging on his "spiritual daddy," Roberts tells his church that he will assume the pastorship of Potter's House in Denver while remaining as pastor of his One LA church in Los Angeles.

According to Brother Leonard:

 Chris Hill is on the outside looking in, Roberts tells his church that he will become a part time lover, Jakes grows his empire by gaining the One L.A church and all people in these four churches all got played. Folks that what you call Game. Jakes got the church world playing checkers, while he's making chess moves. Too bad for him because the CFR knows the rules as well...

Press Release:


  1. Miss Ann,

    Greenleaf and Empire rolled into one.

    Jakes is on the $$$.

    1. When Bishop Jakes was a country boy in the foothills of West Virginia wearing OVERALLS, folks like you thought little of him. Since he has been elevated by God, your type is looking at him side-eyed. There's no pleasing the religious folks in church! If you a nobody wearing overalls and dusty pants, they ignore you, when you are raised up like Joseph and end up wearing designer robes, then your kind is Jealous!! Yeah, there's no pleasing the religious folks!

      Sounds like you know a lot about Greenleaf and Empire. So what happened in the season finale? These TV shows portray Black people in the most wonderful light, Not.

    2. Anonymous,


      Jakes has learnt how to promote Jesus as a "product" and thus the money (ref. YouTube).

      Such a one (Jakes) cannot be compared to Joseph. Because he (Jakes) is NOT living according to the precepts of the Most High God like Joseph. So there CANNOT be any jealousy.

      For the record, I am not religious. I am, however, a believer in the LORD Jesus. And I know that wealth and influence does NOT equate to blessings from God (Psalm 1, Matthew 5, Luke 18:18-23).

      I don't know much about Greenleaf and Empire, but from the season promos running on TV every whenever, I get the gist of the storyline, i.e. money and power by any means necessary (including intrigue and SIN). Review how Ms. Sarah met Roberts (a man who was married and he and the wife were friends to the Jakes' family.) How TD, (a man who knows that if a man or woman divorces and marries another commits adultery [Matthew 19:9]), walked Sarah down the aisle without fear of God's commandments.

      Maybe these TV shows are based on Black people who behave exactly like so and NOT black people who have separated themselves in order not to be contaminated with the unclean (2 Corinthians 6:17).

      PS - "Preachers of Detroit" and "Preachers of LA" are also fodder for the shows that portray Black people in a NOT so good light. Hint hint!

    3. No different than a fortune 500 company. Keep the money in the family.

  2. This is nothing new. In most Protestant churches with no true episcopal system of government both predominately black and white this happens. I watched the son-in-law tell his congregation that they would now be a part of the Potter's House franchise thereby legitimizing his promotion. I don't think the way it was done was proper, but I've no idea of Bishop Jakes' organizational protocol. The reality is that many churches do this to keep it in the family like a business of sorts. In some places it works but in just as many it doesn't. One can only hope that members learn their rights and function in such manner so as not to be customers that need to be retained, but sheep of Christ being led by the Good Shepherd and not a hired hand.

  3. David passed the throne to his son, Solomon passed the throne to his son...So why in blazes do people have a problem with Bishop TD Jakes knighting his spiritual son!

    1. David and Solomon handed down thrones they actually led, not some territory a thousand miles away to take advantage of desperate church. (Jakes has done this before, search Dr Jazz taking over Betty Peoples church)

      And this wasn't some move to anoint his "SPIRITUAL SON". This was a straight power move to set up his daughters family.

    2. Cop I agree with you, this is nothing more than a power play by Jakes. What about his two sons? I think Cora and her hubby are seen as an embarrassment to the ministry.

    3. Born to win,

      Just asking...

      Why would Cora and the husband be an embarrassment to the ministry? Cora seems to be the "lead" preacher.

  4. Hate to break the new but Chris Hill preached today in NC

    1. So you didn't read the press release?


    3. Thanks Miss Ann,

      So Hill's "restoration" was a cover up. Hill was crying out of sadness and NOT Joy.

      But he understood the terms of engagement. Keeping the Denver Branch Collection plates in overflow is more important.

      Oh well...

  5. I hate to re-hash old themes, but it rings true in this case.

    The standard operating procedure for mega-churches.
    If your wife or kids can't take over then we have to find a pastor outside of the church.

    And Jakes pimp game is strong.
    While we we're swooning over the FORGIVENESS CONCERT for Chris Hill, Jakes had already given the keys to his son-in-law.

    And Jakes looks like a forgiving man to Chris,
    A savior of the church in Denver,
    And a shrewd businessman to other pastors who can only dream of Jakes untouchable glory.
    All without getting his hands dirty.

  6. The Apostate Church And A Reprobate World, Are Holding Each Other's Hands. So Many People, Are Loving The Both Of Them. Shalom

  7. Ole Devil TD has taken the oath, the First "Black Pope" of the Masonic Brotherhood. When he was about to turn to do right, they gave him a scare and bombed his house. Now his son in law is moving up the ranks in the order. Remember they gave Roberts Toure and his wife Ole Girl Sarar Jakes and their One Church LA exposure on BET to launch Celebration of Gospel Live. Ofcourse included in this ritual performance were the minions Major, Tasha Cobbs, Jonathan McReynolds, Mali Music, and Israel Houghton and the One Church LA Dance Ministry.

    Ms. Ann highlighted this demonic event -

    The devil is slick using a slight of hands to fool many, He uses the Jakes / Chris Hill ritual to lure us to focus on it, all along the way, operating in darkness to use his BLACK POPE and his family to rise out of NO WHERE!

    1. ★Bishop★ Jakes, ★Bishop★ Blake...lay member, Learn to respect the elders!! As I tried to drill into your Brain, You do not address an authority figure by their last name!!

    2. @ Bishop anonymous,

      If we are all one in Christ (Galatians 3:28), why art thou so fixated on titles (Matthew 23:5-7)?

      Do you think for a minute that Blake and Jakes will get preferential treatment at judgement because they are titled Bishop? Are they worthy of the office of Bishop (1 Timothy 3:1-7 [vs 7 "Moreover he must have a good report of them which are without..."])?

      You say to respect the elders. But do Blake and Jakes qualify for the role? If you were sick and called for either, would they come to your bedside and pray for you (James 5:14)?

      Though we are called to submit unto elders, Peter exhorts us to submit to each other still (1 Peter 5:5). And the elders have their work cut out for them (1 Peter 5:1-4).

      Stop drilling and start reading the WORD of God for your life, preservation (Deuteronomy 8:3, Matthew 4:4), wisdom, knowledge and understanding (Psalms 19 & 119).

      That is TRUTH (John 17:17) you will never hear from Blake and Jakes.

    3. @ Drill in YOUR Brain Anonymous

      Blake and Jakes (disrespect intended, and NO WONDER both their names rhyme with "SNAKE") are not qualified to be called Bishops. And YOU my friend, who believe to revere false teachers, are not worthy of any RESPECT as well!


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